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Last updated: 2022-03-03 02:47:36

    CODING Artifact Repository (CODING-AR) boasts the following benefits:

    Various artifact types

    CODING-AR supports various types of artifact repositories, including Docker, Maven, npm, Generic, Pypi, and Helm, for centralized artifact management in a single project.

    CODING-AR is compatible with all common artifact format standards. You can use familiar build tools or install any other local software or plugins.

    Rapid distribution

    CODING-AR supports rapid artifact distribution for public and private repositories. Relying on the powerful CDN of Tencent Cloud, it enables your team members to securely and quickly upload and download artifacts around the globe.

    Vulnerability scanning

    You can use the built-in image security scanning feature or custom security scanning policies to check the quality of artifacts stored in CODING-AR and improve project security.

    Upstream-Downstream integration

    CODING-AR provides well-adapted APIs to integrate with the upstream code repositories and downstream continuous deployment and operation systems, enabling upstream-downstream integration for DevOps.

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