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Last updated: 2022-07-25 15:05:50

    What is Tencent Effect SDK?

    Tencent Effect SDK leverages Tencent's proprietary AI capabilities and real-time effects to offer a wealth of services for diverse video processing use cases.

    Is Tencent Effect SDK free? How do I get it?

    Tencent Effect SDK can only be used after you purchase an SDK edition license. For detailed edition prices, see Billing Overview or contact sales.

    Which platforms does Tencent Effect SDK support?

    Supported platforms include iOS, Android, and web.

    What are the use cases of Tencent Effect SDK?

    Tencent Effect SDK can be integrated into live streaming and short video applications.

    How do I purchase Tencent Effect SDK?

    It is available in 11 editions in two categories: basic and advanced. They differ in features, and you choose the edition that best fits your needs. For more information, see Pricing Overview.

    What are the strengths of the makeup module?

    In Tencent Effect SDK, the full face makeup and partial makeup can be used together for higher flexibility.

    Is landscape mode supported?


    Can I customize the background with keying?

    Yes. You can change the background image and video in both the demo and SDK.

    How is the model compatibility?

    The product has passed the tests for low-, mid-, and high-end device models with great performance.

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