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Node.js Connection Sample

Last updated: 2020-04-16 16:22:47


    TencentDB for MongoDB provides two usernames rwuser and mongouser by default to support the MONGODB-CR and SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication methods, respectively. The connecting URIs for the two authentication methods are formed differently. For more information, please see Connection Sample.

    Documentation of MongoDB Node.js Driver

    Quick Start

    Native Node.js sample code

    Install the driver package through shell:

    npm install mongodb --save
    (If the installation failed, you can try another source, such as `npm config set registry http://registry.cnpmjs.org`)
    npm init

    Program code:

    'use strict';
    var mongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient,
        assert = require('assert');
    // Form the URI
    var url = 'mongodb://mongouser:thepasswordA1@';
    mongoClient.connect(url, function(err, db) {
        assert.equal(null, err);
        var db = db.db('testdb'); // Select a database
        var col = db.collection('demoCol'); // Select a collection (table)
       // Insert data
                a: 1,
                something: "yy"
            // Optional parameters
            //    w: 'majority' // Enable the "Majority" mode to ensure that data are written to the Secondary nodes
            function(err, r) {
                console.info("err:", err);
                assert.equal(null, err);
                // Assertion is written successfully
                assert.equal(1, r.insertedCount);
                // Query data
                col.find().toArray(function(err, docs) {
                    assert.equal(null, err);
                    console.info("docs:", docs);


    [root@VM_2_167_centos node]# node index.js
    docs: [ { _id: 567a1bf26773935b3ff0b42a, a: 1, something: 'yy' } ]

    Sample Code for Connecting to Node.js mongoose

    var dbUri = "mongodb://" + user + ":" + password + "@" + host + ":" + port + "/" + dbName;
    var opts = {
        auth: {
            authMechanism: 'MONGODB-CR', // This parameter is not required if SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication is used
            authSource: 'admin'
    var connection = mongoose.createConnection(dbUri, opts);
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