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Modifying Log Topic

Last updated: 2020-05-21 14:20:24

    Feature Description

    This API is used to modify a log topic.


    Sample request

    PUT /topic HTTP/1.1
    Host: <Region>.cls.tencentyun.com
    Authorization: <AuthorizationString>
    Content-Type: application/json
      "topic_id": "xxxxxx-xx-xx-xx-xxxxxxxx",
      "topic_name": "testname",
      "path": "/data/nginx/log/access.log",
      "collection": false,
      "log_type": "delimiter_log",
      "extract_rule": {
          "time_key": "date",
          "time_format": "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",
          "delimiter": "|",
          "log_regex": ".*",
          "beginning_regex": "^",
          "keys": ["date","","content"],
          "filter_keys": [],
          "filter_regex": []

    Request line

    PUT /topic

    Request header

    There are only common request headers but no special request headers.

    Request parameters

    Field Name Type Location Required Description
    topic_id string body Yes Log topic ID
    topic_name string body No Log topic name
    path string body No Path of log to be collected by legacy log topic
    wild_path string body No Path of log to be collected by new wildcard log topic. File directory and filename as separated by /**/. Either this parameter or the legacy path parameter can exist
    collection bool body No Whether to enable collection
    log_type string body No Type of log to be collected:
  • json_log: log in JSON format
  • delimiter_log: log in delimited format
  • minimalist_log: log in single-line format
  • multiline_log: log in multi-line format
  • fullregex_log: log in full regex format
  • extract_rule JsonObject body No Extraction rule

    At least one parameter out of topic_name, path, group_id, collection, and (log_type+extract_rule) must be provided.

    extract_rule is in the following format:

    Field Name Type Required Description
    time_key string No Time field key name. time_key and time_format must appear in pairs
    time_format string No Time field format. For more information, please see the time format description of the strftime function in C language
    delimiter string No Delimiter for delimited log, which is valid only if log_type is delimiter_log
    log_regex string No Full log matching rule, which is valid only if log_type is fullregex_log
    beginning_regex string No Line beginning matching rule, which is valid only if log_type is fullregex_log or multiline_log
    keys JsonArray(string) No Key name of each extracted field. An empty key indicates to discard the field. This parameter is valid only if log_type is delimiter_log. json_log logs use the key of JSON itself
    filter_keys JsonArray(string) No Log keys to be filtered (up to 5)
    filter_regex JsonArray(string) No Values corresponding to the above filter_keys field. The number of values is the same as that of keys in filter_keys. The values are in one-to-one correspondence to the collected logs


    Sample response

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Length: 0

    Response header

    There are only common response headers but no special response headers.

    Response parameters


    Error Codes

    For more information, please see Error Codes.

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