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Error Codes

Last updated: 2021-12-21 12:45:24

    Feature Description

    This document describes the error codes and error messages returned when errors occur with the API requests. You can identify the problem based on StatusCode and Body of HTTP. The format of Body is as follows:

      "errorcode" : "<ErrorCode>",
      "errormessage" : "<ErrorMessage>"

    Error Codes

    HTTP Status Code Error Code Error Message
    400 InvalidAuthorization Invalid signature string format.
    400 InvalidCompressType The specified x-cls-compress-type is not supported.
    400 InvalidContent Message body error due to decompression or parse failure.
    400 InvalidContentType The specified Content-Type is not supported.
    400 InvalidParam Required parameter is missing or invalid.
    400 MissingAgentIp Missing x-cls-agent-ip.
    400 MissingAgentVersion Missing x-cls-agent-version.
    400 MissingAuthorization Missing Authorization.
    400 MissingContent Empty message body.
    400 MissingContentType Missing Content-Type.
    400 TopicClosed The collection feature has been disabled for the specified log topic.
    400 IndexRuleEmpty The specified log topic has no index rule configured.
    400 LogsetNotEmpty The specified logset is not empty and contains log topics.
    400 SyntaxError Search syntax error.
    400 LogsetEmpty The specified log topic is empty and contains no log topics.
    400 LimitExceeded The number of concurrent search requests exceeded the upper limit.
    400 InvalidParameterValue Incorrect parameter value.
    400 MissingParameter Some function parameters are missing.
    400 UnknownParameter Unknown function parameters.
    400 InvalidParameter Function parameter error.
    400 UnsupportedRegion The region is not supported.
    400 RequestLimitExceeded The number of function requests exceeds the system limit.
    400 NoSuchVersion Incorrect SCF version.
    400 ResourceNotFound No function found.
    401 AuthFailure.SecretIdNotFound The key does not exist. Check whether the key has been deleted or
    disabled in the console, and if not, check if the key is correctly entered. Note that there should be no space before or after the key.
    401 AuthFailure.SignatureFailure Incorrect signature due to errors in signature calculation.
    Check the signature calculation process against the calling method documentation.
    401 AuthFailure.SignatureExpire Signature expired.
    401 AuthFailure.MFAFailure MFA error.
    401 AuthFailure.UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized request. For more information about authentication, see the CAM documentation.
    401 AuthFailure.InvalidSecretId Invalid key (not a TencentCloud API key).
    401 AuthFailure.TokenFailure Token error.
    401 AuthFailure.Unauthorized Internal authentication error.
    403 LogsetExceed The number of logsets exceeds the upper limit. Up to 20 logsets are supported.
    403 LogSizeExceed The size of the submitted logs exceeds the upper limit. The maximum size supported is 5 MB.
    403 MachineGroupExceed The number of machine groups exceeds the upper limit. Up to 200 machine groups are supported.
    403 NotAllowed This operation is not allowed.
    403 TopicExceed The number of log topics exceeds the upper limit. Up to 10 log topics are supported.
    403 ShipperExceed The number of shipping rules exceeds the upper limit. Up to 10 shipping rules are supported.
    403 TaskReadOnly Only failed shipping tasks can be restarted. Tasks in other states cannot be modified.
    403 AccountArrears The account has overdue payment.
    403 ServiceNotActivated The CLS service is not activated.
    404 CursorNotExist No downloadable logs exist in the specified location.
    404 TaskNotExist The specified shipping task does not exist.
    404 IndexNotExist The specified index rule does not exist.
    404 LogsetNotExist The specified logset does not exist.
    404 MachineGroupNotExist The specified machine group does not exist.
    404 ShipperNotExist The specified shipping rule does not exist.
    404 TopicNotExist The specified log topic does not exist.
    404 ConsumerNotExist The specified log topic has no consumption task.
    404 DeliverFunctionNotExist The shipping task does not exist.
    405 NotSupported Unsupported operation.
    409 IndexConflict This index rule already exists.
    409 LogsetConflict This logset already exists.
    409 MachineGroupConflict This machine group already exists.
    409 ShipperConflict This shipping rule already exists.
    409 TopicConflict This log topic already exists.
    409 ConsumerConflict This consumption task of the log topic already exists.
    409 DeliverFunctionConflict The same shipping task already exists.
    429 SpeedQuotaExceed Requests are sent too frequently.
    500 InternalError Internal error.
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