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[May 23, 2024] Tencent Cloud Upgrade Announcement for Traditional Account Type (Bill-By-CVM Accounts)

Last updated: 2024-05-23 18:21:53
Dear Tencent Cloud user,
Thank you for your long-term attention and support towards Tencent Cloud! Tencent Cloud accounts are classified into Standard Account Type (bill-by-IP accounts) and Traditional Account Type (bill-by-CVM accounts). To provide you with richer, higher-quality network services, Tencent Cloud plans to upgrade the existing Traditional Account Type to Standard Account Type in batches starting from May 23, 2024, and complete the upgrade of all Traditional Account Type by December 30, 2024. The Standard Account Type offers superior network bandwidth management and network features compared to the Traditional Account Type. For information on the distinction between account types, please refer to Checking Account Type. If you use a bill-by-CVM account, please pay attention to the upgrade notifications. If you wish to upgrade earlier, you may submit a ticket.
Upgrade Advantages:
Network bandwidth management and billing are both conducted on IP, allowing flexible migration to other CVM instances.
Using public network CLB services eliminates the need to purchase public network bandwidth for each background CVM; only bandwidth for the CLB needs to be purchased, making management more convenient.
The public network billing mode is more diverse, covering more business scenarios. For example, prepaid bandwidth package, daily settlement bandwidth package, main traffic bandwidth package, etc., supports coexistence with other billing modes in the same region such as hourly traffic, monthly bandwidth, hourly bandwidth, etc.
EIPv6 supports being added to the same BWP as IPv4 for joint billing.
Standard Account Type supports more product features and services, such as Premium EIP, High-defense EIP, CLB Cross-Region Binding 2.0, Domain-Based CLB, NAT Gateway support for binding Static Single-line IP, Standard NAT Gateway, and a wealth of monitoring indicators (such as CLB Ingress and Egress Bandwidth Utilization, Drop Metrics, etc.).
Upgrade Instructions:
The network will not be interrupted during the upgrade process.
The upgrade process takes about 5 minutes. If there are more than 500 CVM resources, the more there are, the longer the upgrade will take.
Upgrade operations are irreversible.
During the upgrade, if the account is overdue or there are CVMs with abnormal status under the account (such as shutdown due to overdue payment, resources in the recycling bin, or the process of expiration, prepaid IPs in an isolated state, etc.), it may lead to upgrade failure. It is recommended to promptly recharge or terminate abnormal resources.

We appreciate your trust and support for Tencent Cloud. For more information, see Checking Account Type. If you have confirmed the impact of the upgrade, you can also submit a ticket for an early upgrade or seek online consultation.
Tencent Cloud Team

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