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Checking Account Type

Last updated: 2024-01-09 16:30:00
    Tencent Cloud accounts include bill-by-IP and bill-by-CVM accounts. We recommend that you upgrade your bill-by-CVM accounts to bill-by-IP accounts as the former cannot support new features later.
    Note: Downgrading from "bill-by-IP" to "bill-by-CVM" is not allowed.

    Checking Account Type

    All Tencent Cloud accounts registered after June 17, 2020 00:00:00 will be bill-by-IP accounts. For Tencent Cloud accounts registered before June 17, 2020, check your account types in the console. Log in to Public IP Console. Check if there is a prompt message at the top of the "Public IP" page.
    If no, you have a bill-by-IP account.
    If yes, you have a bill-by-CVM account.

    Account Types

    Bill-by-IP account manages bandwidth and traffic on IP or CLB. For such an account, public IP or CLB, instead of CVM, has the public network bandwidth and traffic resources.
    Bill-by-CVM account manages bandwidth and traffic on CVM. For such an account, network bandwidth and traffic can be purchased on CVM, instead of public IP or CLB.

    Account Upgrade


    A comparison between the advantages of bill-by-IP and bill-by-CVM accounts is shown below:
    Bill-by-IP account
    Bill-by-CVM account
    Whether the network bandwidth under the account can be migrated to other CVM instances
    Yes, as the public network fees are billed by IP.
    No, as the public network fees are billed on the bound CVM instance.
    Elastic IPv6 billing
    IPv6 and IPv4 can be added into the same bandwidth package and billed together.
    IPv6 can only be billed separately.
    NAT gateway billing
    Bill by traffic and bill by bandwidth package are supported.
    Only bill by traffic is supported.
    Is it necessary to purchase public network for CLB backend CVM
    No. Only bandwidth needs to be purchased for CLB, which facilitates management.
    Yes. Purchasing public network for all CLB backend CVMs is needed, which complicates management.
    New network-related features
    Both the existing and new features are supported.
    Only the existing features are supported.

    Impacts of upgrade

    Upgrade mode

    Tencent Cloud will send upgrade notices to bill-by-CVM accounts in batches. To upgrade your account, you can also submit a ticket.
    Because some upgrade scenarios will change the CVM billing mode, if your CVM is purchased in promotional campaigns and its billing mode is non-switchable according to the campaign rules, your account upgrade is not supported.
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