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Tencent Smart Advisor
An out-of-the-box cloud resource risk assessment service for improved business continuity

Tencent Smart Advisor is a cloud resource risk assessment tool. It leverages Tencent Cloud’s years of service experience to help you enhance the security and reliability of your cloud infrastructure within the service restrictions. Advisor checks your cloud resources and provides optimization recommendations according to your service usage, helping you improve business continuity efficiently.

Diverse Assessment Items

Advisor provides dozens of risk assessment items, covering security, reliability, and service limits. It currently supports multiple Tencent Cloud services and plan to support more soon.

Flexible Assessment Configuration

Assessment items can be added and deleted, and the assessment report template can be customized. You can exclude services that you are simply trying out and focus on the assessment results of core resources.

Best Practice Recommendations

Advisor leverages Tencent Cloud’s years of service experience to provide systemic optimization recommendations to help you provision your Tencent Cloud resources following best practices and improve your business continuity.

Resource Ignoring

You can ignore some resources that are in testing and focus on the running core resources. You can restore ignored resources in "Ignored Resource List" at any time to add them back to the monitored list.

Assessment Item Ignoring

You can choose to ignore an entire assessment item for a specific business use case. The ignored assessment items can be added back on the "Assessment Item Configuration" page at any time.

Resource Link

You can click the "Resource Name" to go to the resource details page to perform corresponding operations in the console according to the optimization recommendations provided by Advisor.

Email Subscription

You can subscribe to receive daily or weekly assessment results, which will be sent to your specified email addresses as Excel files.


Advisor enables you to assess the health status of your Tencent Cloud resources routinely to keep an eye on the security of your cloud architectures and resources. Optimization recommendations are provided online to help you efficiently improve your business continuity.

Service usage can be assessed in advance to check the stress level of your Tencent Cloud resources, so you can submit a ticket as needed to add more resources based on the estimated campaign scale and ensure the smooth operation of the campaign.


Advisor is free of charge. For Tencent Cloud services pricing, please go to the Pricing Center.

For more information on this service, please contact us.