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Anycast Internet Acceleration
A dynamic acceleration network with global coverage

Tencent Cloud Anycast Internet Acceleration (AIA) is a dynamic acceleration network with global coverage that can greatly improve the Internet access experience of your business. Unlike other application-layer acceleration services, AIA can optimize IP transfer quality, enable access from the nearest entry node and reduce network transfer jitter and packet loss, thereby improving the service quality of in-cloud applications, expanding the service scope and simplifying backend deployment.

Low Latency

AIA uses the Anycast method to simultaneously publish an IP to multiple regions. The request packet will reach the optimal IP publishing region according to the transfer protocol. The packet will prioritize entering Tencent Cloud before reaching the server through Tencent Cloud's private Direct Connect line, avoiding Internet congestion and reducing latency.

High Reliability

Internet transfers can be unreliable. For example, if a line interruption of the ISP leads to an inability to access the Internet, users will have no choice but to wait for recovery to complete the transfers. With the help of AIA, multiple paths and entries are made possible by Tencent Cloud's private networks, the ISP's backbone networks and Tencent Cloud's POPs, preventing connection failures caused by single-region or single-line network outages and enhancing network stability.

Reduced Jitter

Unstable performance of the Internet link can lead to an unstable service experience such as network jitter caused by cross-ISP or cross-border connection issues. In contrast, Direct Connect transfer offers stable performance. AIA allows the request to access the nearest Tencent Cloud node and be transferred through Tencent Cloud's private Direct Connect line across regions, perfectly resolving Internet jitter issues.

Simplified Deployment

Implementing services that are accessed by end users in many different regions can be cumbersome because servers have to be deployed in each region, DNS has to be properly configured to enable load balancing and IPs vary in different regions. AIA eliminates the need to configure IPs for each region, avoiding geographic dispersion at the IP level. In addition, only one set of logics need to be maintained on the backend, as requests from different regions are accelerated to reach the backend servers through the Direct Connect line.

Global Load Balancing

AIA uses the Anycast addressing method to simultaneously publish the IP to multiple regions. The request packet will reach the optimal IP publishing region (usually the nearest region) according to the transfer protocol, which achieves global load balancing. Additionally, in the case of a traffic-based attack, the cross-region publishing of IPs helps distribute the attacking traffic.

Ease of Use

AIA is compatible with common IP operations, allowing you to purchase just one accelerating elastic public IP and simplifying usage. It supports self-service Internet bandwidth limiting, making it easy to configure upper limits for bandwidth based on cost or server processing speed. In addition, it supports traffic monitoring for backtracking and analysis as well as binding and unbinding for easier backend resource changes.

Public IP Anycast

An Anycast Elastic IP (EIP) is published in multiple regions simultaneously after being purchased. Traffic is routed to the optimal ingress interface and directed to the intended IP-bound resources through Tencent Cloud private networks, achieving cross-region acceleration.

Transmission Optimization

Data transmission on the Internet is often unstable. For this reason, AIA transmits data using Tencent Cloud private networks when necessary to avoid excessive latency, jitter and packet loss due to congestion and other network issues.

Multiple Regions and Availability Zones

Tencent Cloud has data centers in multiple regions around the world. You can select one that is closest to your target customers to significantly reduce latency and enhance the service experience.

Multi-line BGP IPs

Tencent Cloud IPs, including Anycast public IPs and non-Anycast public IPs, can be accessed by all mainstream ISPs in the Chinese mainland. With over 35 lines across the Chinese mainland, Tencent Cloud AIA provides lightning-fast public network access.

High Bandwidth and Capacity

Supported by Tencent Cloud's expanding global backbone network, AIA provides you with a high quality, high bandwidth and low latency network interconnection.

Bandwidth Throttling

AIA allows you to set an appropriate upper limit on network bandwidth based on cost or CVM processing speed power.

Traffic Monitoring

AIA allows you to monitor the inflows and outflows of accelerated traffic in each region in real time for traceability and analysis.


An Anycast IP can serve as a gaming accelerator. With AIA, a gaming request enters Tencent Cloud through the nearest node and then reaches the game server through Tencent Cloud's private Direct Connect line, significantly shortening the Internet path distance and reducing latency, jitter and packet loss. In addition, compared with traditional acceleration services, AIA simplifies DNS deployment, as IP entries do not require the deployment of additional traffic receiving devices and IPs do not need to be geographically differentiated.

Clear video and audio must be relayed without delay during cross-region transfer of live streaming content, meaning the live streaming platform must build a dedicated network and access points that cover multiple regions. With the help of AIA, the platform can directly utilize Tencent Cloud's backbone networks and POPs to serve live streaming users without having to set up a dedicated network.

The securities industry has high real-time performance requirements, rendering unstable Internet transfers completely unacceptable. The access layer of an application in the securities industry can be bound to an Anycast IP for multi-region coverage, which is made possible by private network transfer on Tencent Cloud's backbone networks. AIA enables the use of the same IP for multiple regions, simplifying the paperwork for IP-related approvals such as ICP license filing and registration with financial regulatory authorities.

Security cleansing service providers, gaming platforms and large-scale website applications often experience various traffic-based attacks such as SYN floods and ICMP floods. Usually, a common public IP is published in a single region, concentrating all the attacking traffic in the same entry. However, with AIA, the IP is published simultaneously in multiple regions, diverting the attack traffic to multiple entries for absorption without having to modify the DNS configuration.


The traffic generated by an Anycast public IP is called accelerating traffic. Accelerating traffic is bill-by-bandwidth. View more>>