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Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2022-09-06 15:42:48

    This document describes the billing details of AIA.


    Anycast Internet Acceleration is a monthly-billed pay-as-you-go service. To activate the service, please contact your sales rep.

    Billable Items

    AIA fees consist of the IP resource fee and public network fee.

    Billable Item Billing Mode Description
    IP resource fee Hourly pay-as-you-go An idle Anycast EIP that is not bound to any cloud resources will only incur the IP resource fee.
    Public network feePay-as-you-goUsing an Anycast EIP that is bound to a cloud resource to access the public network will only incur the public network fee. Anycast EIP is billed on the monthly 95th percentile basis.

    For bill-by-IP accounts, both fees are charged on the EIP. For bill-by-CVM accounts, the IP resource fee is charged on the EIP, while the public network fee is charged on the bound cloud resource instance such as CVM instance. To check your account type, see Checking Account Type.

    IP resource fee

    An Anycast EIP that is not bound to cloud resources incurs IP resource fees. For more information, see the “IP Resource Fee” section in Elastic IP Billing.

    Public network fee

    When an Anycast EIP is created, AIA BGP bandwidth package is automatically created as well. Billing details are as follows:

    Anycast EIP Region Acceleration Region(Unit Price (USD/Mbps/month))
    Asia Europe North America South America
    Asia (Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai, Seoul, and Tokyo) 18.86 18.86 18.86 44
    Europe (Frankfurt and Moscow) 18.86 18.86 18.86 26
    North America (Silicon Valley) 18.86 18.86 18.86 26
    South America(Sao Paulo) 44 26 26 21

    • AIA only provides acceleration services for regions outside the Chinese mainland. It does not accelerate the transmission between the Chinese mainland and other regions.
    • AIA adopts the aggregated billing, which generates bills in the Guangzhou region.
    • After creating an Anycast EIP in the console, the automatically generated AIA BGP bandwidth package only records the bandwidth usage details in the region, which is not used for billing.
    • All Anycast EIPs in a single region are aggregated into the bandwidth package of the region, which is subdivided into bandwidth packages corresponding to the acceleration region. Assume you create an Anycast EIP in the Asia Pacific region (Hong Kong, China), the bill lists four bandwidth packages: Asia to Asia, Asia to North America, and Asia to Europe, Asia to South America .

    Billing Examples

    Suppose you purchased an Anycast EIP in Hong Kong, China, with the public network traffic going to Tokyo, Frankfurt and Silicon Valley, respectively. The public network traffic generated by the Anycast EIP in a month will be aggregated by 95th percentile of the monthly bandwidth. The used bandwidths are as follows:

    Anycast EIP RegionAcceleration RegionBandwidth Usage (Mbps)
    Hong Kong (China) Tokyo 10
    Frankfurt 200
    Silicon Valley 300

    Total fees = (10 + 200 + 300) * 18.86 = 9618.6(USD)

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