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API Gateway
A high performance, reliable and secure hosting service

Tencent Cloud API Gateway is an API hosting service that enables full lifecycle management of APIs, including the creation, maintenance, release, operation, and deactivation of APIs. It can be used to encapsulate your business so you can securely release your data, business logic, and functionality for system integration and partner connections.

Easy to Use

API Gateway can be configured in the console or through Tencent Cloud APIs so that you do not need to build additional devices for deployment. It can be quickly constructed as needed using the documentation provided by Tencent Cloud.

Easy to Maintain

Tencent Cloud's API Gateway features visual monitoring and a rich set of OPS capabilities such as resource management, tenant isolation, and access control, freeing you from heavy OPS workload.

High Reliability

API Gateway can be deployed in clusters so that failover can be quickly performed for faulty gateway nodes to guarantee high service reliability.

Low Cost

API Gateway is priced competitively and billed based on the number of API calls made and the traffic generated.

API Lifecycle Management

API Gateway enables full lifecycle management of APIs ranging from the creation, maintenance, release, operation, and deactivation of APIs. It provides a wide variety of testing, staging, and production environments for deploying your APIs. It also helps you manage APIs through versioning and rollback, helping you reduce API-related workload and labor costs.

Authentication and Throttling

API Gateway offers strict authentication services that support HMAC signatures, where end users are authenticated with the keys provided by API Gateway and clients that are not granted a key cannot call your APIs, ensuring API security. API Gateway's throttling feature allows you to configure the number of times an API can be called per second to protect the stability of your business. The frontend of API Gateway supports SSL certificates for enhanced data transfer security.

API Monitoring

API Gateway features visual monitoring that makes it easy for you to query the detailed information of running APIs and perform OPS tasks. This data serves as a convenient and reliable basis for API analysis that facilitates subsequent iteration and maintenance and improves efficiency. Current monitoring metrics include number of requests, public network outbound traffic, response time, number of frontend errors and number of backend errors.

API Market

By connecting to the API Market, you can publish the APIs configured on your API Gateway as purchasable products. You can release your product functionality and data capabilities in the form of APIs to develop channels and build a more comprehensive and complete ecosystem. In the API Market, customers can purchase different API services for their businesses to speed up and improve their development progress. The API Market takes care of billing and sales so that you can focus on business development.


API Gateway can encapsulate microservice REST APIs. In this way, such APIs can be called through API Gateway and enjoy the benefits of unified authentication and monitoring enabled by API Gateway. Moreover, API Gateway can control externally exposed APIs to mitigate security risks.

API Gateway enables you to serve various terminals with one single set of backend services. Through protocol adaptation and conversion, it can satisfy the requirements of different terminals for different protocols. In addition, it eliminates the need to adjust or configure backend services by authorizing different terminals separately.

API Gateway can unify the sub-module APIs of your business. Its aggregated services help developers focus on business iterations instead of underlying resources and capabilities, improving overall productivity.

API Gateway enables you to release your computing, data and function capabilities in the form of APIs, letting you sell your APIs on the API Market to developers, partners and third parties for profit.


Tencent Cloud API Gateway fees consist of two components: the number of calls and traffic usage. Both components are pay-as-you-go on an hourly billing cycle, with a bill generated hourly for the previous hour's usage. You can view your bills on the console. See Viewing Billing Details in Notes on Overdue Payment for details. Note: All Tencent Cloud API Gateway users can access the free tier. Please see Free Tier for details.