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Secure your webpages and apps with all-around CAPTCHA verification services


Based on multiple security defense policies such as track analysis, feature discovery, anti-emulator, device fingerprint, and PoW verification, Captcha provides web and app developers with comprehensive human verification services through slider CAPTCHAs. It is applicable to scenarios like registration and login, promotion campaigns, forum/voting and data protection.

All-around Protection
All-around Protection

Protect your applications with rich features, including dynamic encryption, PoW verification, track analysis, feature discovery, IP reputation, device fingerprints, anti-emulator, VM reinforcement, blocklist database, and hierarchical verification.

Flexible Configuration
Flexible Configuration

Integrate the service flexibly on webpages and Android/iOS applications. Configure the risk-control level, languages and buttons according to your own requirements.

Quick Connection
Quick Connection

No matter you’re using PHP, Python, Java, Go, C++ or Node.js, with the complete code demos, you can get access to Captcha in hours.


Users can complete the CAPTCHA challenge by simply sliding the knob. It is easy and efficient in risk management, making it widely applicable to most human verification scenarios.

Smart Imperceptible Verification

Intelligently identify user characteristics, and allow trusted users to skip the verification. Only suspicious users are required to complete the CAPTCHA challenge.

Real-time Statistics

Monitor your business security status by minute-level metrics, such as total, passed and blocked verification requests.

Registration and Login
Prevent malicious batch registrations and credential stuffing to protect the normal business operations.
Promotion Campaigns
Block malicious bargain hunting and scalping to ensure the effect of promotion campaigns.
Forum and Voting
Identify and block likes and posts from paid online commenters to combat malicious advertising and posting.
Data Protection
Defend against crawlers from obtaining information to eliminate potential business data leaks.

Captcha is a pay-as-you-go service with tiered pricing. For more information, see Billing Overview. To estimate fees, use the Price Calculator.