Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch Service (ES) is a scalable cloud-hosted Elasticsearch service with high availability built based on the open-source search engine Elasticsearch. Fully compatible with ELK architecture, ES is widely used for website search navigation, enterprise-grade search, service log exception monitoring and clickstream analysis in industries such as Internet, gaming and Internet-based finance.

Elastic Deployment

ES comes in a variety of node spec options, allowing you to select the most appropriate models based on data and query volume and customize node storage capacity on demand for different scenarios to minimize wasteful costs caused by resource idleness. As your data volumes increase with business growth, clusters can be dynamically scaled to meet your ever-changing business needs in real time.

Ease of Use

An ES cluster can be created in just minutes through a simple configuration process, eliminating the need to deploy and debug hardware and software. ES also provides convenient cluster OPS tools (via Kibana pages) and a comprehensive cluster monitoring and alarm system to meet your daily cluster OPS needs.


ES supports the complete ELK ecosystem, covering the entire lifecycle from data collection to storage and consumption. It provides a RESTful API that enables you to build custom applications on the ES cluster with ease by selecting the plug-ins and clients most suitable for your business.

High Availability

ES adopts a multi-node and multi-replica deployment scheme that intelligently detects and replaces faulty nodes, reducing the risk of data loss caused by failures and ensuring data security and service stability.


ES is deployed on logically isolated VPCs, enabling you to have full control over your VPC environment configuration and customize network access control lists and security groups. Access can be controlled via Kibana and an IP-based access blocklist and allowlist mechanism, systematically protecting the security of your cloud resources.

Service Integration

ES can be easily integrated with other Tencent Cloud products such as COS, Flow Logs, CMQ and TencentDB to provide users with various data capabilities like data transfer and backup for different usage scenarios.

Data Collection and Synchronization

Real-time logs of other cloud products such as CVM and TencentDB and the stocked and incremental business data can be aggregated and transferred to the ES cluster through relevant data collection and transfer tools such as Beats and Logstash for distributed data storage, query and analysis.

Data Storage

ES offers the node models of different specs and high-performance SSDs to ensure data read-and-write performance. It can be elastically scaled to hundreds of nodes for data storage at the petabyte level, satisfying the needs of different business scenarios. Furthermore, it can detect and replace faulty nodes to ensure high cluster availability.

Data Search, Analytics and Visualization

ES's Elasticsearch features full-text search, structured query and data analytics, allowing you to build custom search services with ease through the RESTful API.

ES's Kibana component enables convenient browser-based data analytics and visualization.


Logs generated by devices such as web servers, mobile devices and IoT sensors are inherently scattered across nodes and vary in type and volume, posing a major challenge for troubleshooting and business analysis through log search. Featuring an elastically scalable and near real-time centralized storage solution and full-text search capability, ES simplifies the unified management and query of logs, helping users quickly locate issues and improve troubleshooting efficiency.

Searches for ecommerce items, mobile applications, in-organization messages and other internal searches are necessary to obtain information efficiently. ES features full-text search with excellent support for both structured and unstructured data. In addition, it offers a RESTful API and a multi-lingual client, allowing you to quickly and easily build stable search services that can be integrated into your existing business frameworks.

In the context of data-driven operations, industries such as ecommerce, mobile applications, advertising and media require in-depth statistical analyses and data mining to guide business decision-making. However, the massive amounts of business data collected pose a major challenge to companies in these industries. Fortunately, ES is capable of structural queries and supports complex filtering and aggregated statistics, helping customers perform statistical analysis on large volumes of data in an efficient and customized manner, identify problems and opportunities, make business decisions and fully unleash the value of data.


Elasticsearch Service (ES) is pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for what you use. ES usage is billed per second with an hourly bill cycle. When you create an ES cluster, the cost of two bill cycles will be frozen in your Tencent account. If your account does not have overdue payment, any unused amount will be refunded to you when you terminate the cluster. ES is a distributed multi-node cluster service, with each node including compute (CVM) and storage (CBS) services. Service fees are dependent on the number and type of nodes as well as the storage size. Please refer to the pricing document for more details. View more >>