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Tencent Cloud TI Platform
A one-stop machine learning service platform for AI engineers

Tencent Cloud TI Platform is a one-stop machine learning service platform designed for AI engineers. It empowers AI development throughout the entire process from data preprocessing to model building, model training, model evaluation, and model service. Preconfigured with diverse algorithm components, it supports multiple algorithm frameworks to adapt to different AI use cases.

Closed-Loop Model Training

Tencent Cloud TI Platform delivers a one-stop machine learning experience that covers a complete and closed-loop workflow from data preprocessing to model building, model training, and model evaluation.


With Tencent Cloud TI Platform, even AI beginners can have their models constructed automatically, making it much easier to complete the entire training process. Tencent Cloud TI Platform's auto-tuning tool can also further enhance the efficiency of parameter tuning.

Flexible Resource Scheduling

Tencent Cloud TI Platform allows CPU/GPU resources to elastically respond to different computing power needs with flexible billing modes that reduce the costs and increase the efficiency.

Multiple Learning Frameworks

Tencent Cloud TI Platform incorporates a wide variety of learning frameworks, such as PySpark, Spark, PyTorch, and TensorFlow, to serve developers with different needs and preferences.

Diversified Algorithms

Tencent Cloud TI Platform houses both traditional machine learning algorithms and deep learning algorithms to fully satisfy requirements in different niche fields and applications like image classification, object detection, and NLP. In addition, it gives more freedom to professional users by allowing them to execute customized algorithms.

Multi-Instance Scheduling

On Tencent Cloud TI Platform, instances can be scheduled in manual, timed, batch parameter, or rerun mode. This brings greater flexibility in different scenarios so that the frequency and time required by manual scheduling are greatly reduced.

Interactive Modeling

Tencent Cloud TI Platform is an interactive coding environment integrated with a wealth of learning frameworks and compatible with Python and R. It is interconnected with TI-SDK for real-time resource monitoring and supports Git for code management.

Data Labeling and Management

Tencent Cloud TI Platform allows you to create and manage datasets of text, image, table and other data types. You can preview data details online. You can also import labeled image data in Pascal VOC and COCO formats, which are commonly used in the industry. Labeled data supports distribution statistics and visualization.

Convenient Effect Visualization

Tencent Cloud TI Platform actualizes powerful visualization and interactive parsing of source data, so that you can gain clearer insights into the whole picture at a glance. The model training effect is displayed in such an intuitive way that you can tell the quality of a model or judge an optimization scheme at first sight without having to click into the details.

  • Financial customers have diversified business requirements. The key to enhancing their efficiency, revenues, and user experience lies in their ability to recommend the best financial products to their customers based on massive historical data.
  • Tencent Cloud TI Platform helps build a predictive model of user purchase behaviors, which enables financial institutions to recommend user-specific products more accurately.

Conventional industrial quality inspection is labor-intensive, costly, and prone to omissions. Tencent Cloud TI Platform detects and classifies product defects based on device parameters and production images. This digitizes quality control, saving labor costs and lowering omission rates.

An increasing number of AI algorithm competitions have been held along with the boom of the AI industry. One of the challenges faced by organizers has always been how to provide a unified tool to support the work habits of different teams and the concurrency of thousands of participants. The abundant algorithms and framework components built into Tencent Cloud TI Platform meet the needs of different users, and high-performance, stable clusters support large-scale training tasks.


Tencent Cloud TI Platform is pay-as-you-go. For detailed pricing, see the pricing documentation.