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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-02-25 17:45:46

    Billing Overview

    Billing mode

    Tencent Cloud TI Platform is postpaid (pay-as-you-go) as detailed below:

    Billing mode Postpaid
    Payment mode Fees are frozen upon purchase and settled hourly
    Billing unit USD/second
    Unit price High
    Minimum usage duration The service is billed by second and settled hourly. You can purchase or release the service at any time


    An instance determines the server hardware configuration (including CPU, memory, and GPU) used for the service. Different instance types provide different computing capabilities. You can select an appropriate type based on your needs. TI Platform currently offers a rich set of instance specifications as priced below:

    Specification Singapore (USD/Hour) Silicon Valley (USD/Hour)
    2C4G 0.063 0.144
    4C8G 0.202 0.229
    8C16G 0.404 0.458
    8C32G 0.518 0.574
    16C32G 0.805 0.916
    16C64G 1.219 0.968
    24C48G 1.145 1.149
    24C96G - 1.210
    32C64G 2.074 1.935
    32C128G 2.436 2.299
    10C40G V100*1 4.764 3.978
    20C80G V100*2 7.952 7.956
    40C160G V100*4 18.291 17.503
    80C320G V100*8 35.058 38.953
    32C128G T4*1 2.285 1.663
    40C160G T4*2 3.325 3.325
    80C320G T4*4 6.661 6.661


    TI Platform currently provides two types of flexible, economical, and easy-to-use cloud disks for instances: HDD and SSD. They have different performance and prices and are suitable for different use cases. They are postpaid (pay-as-you-go) at the following prices:

    Specification Published Price (USD/Hour)
    HDD 10 GB 0.001
    SSD 10 GB 0.003
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