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Searching Application

Last updated: 2022-05-18 10:06:33

    You can search by application name, SDKAppID, or tag in the TRTC console to quickly find an application.


    • The TRTC console supports searching for multiple keywords by the same field. Press Enter to separate them.
    • The TRTC console does not support searching for multiple keywords by different fields. If you enter different keywords in different search fields, the console will search for the last keyword entered.


    1. Go to Application Management, and click the search box at the top.
    2. Select a search field, enter the keywords you want to search for, and click the search button .

    • If you enter keywords without selecting a field, the console will search by application name.
    • To modify a keyword entered, click it, modify the content, and press Enter.
    • To delete a keyword entered, click next to it.


    • To create an application, see Creating Application.
    • To view the basic information of an application, see Application Info.
    • To configure the functions of an application or view configuration information, see Function Configuration.
    • If you want to set an image as the background displayed during on-cloud stream mixing, you can add the image in Material Management.
    • To get the demo source code for a quick start, see Quick Start.
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