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Creating Application

Last updated: 2024-04-26 15:29:14
    Tencent RTC manages various businesses or projects through applications. Different applications can be individually created for distinct businesses or projects within the TRTC console, hence facilitating the isolation of data between businesses or projects.

    Points of Attention

    Each Tencent Cloud account has the capacity to establish a maximum of 300 Tencent RTC applications.

    Creating an Application

    1. Log in to the TRTC Console, click Create Application.
    2. In the creation pop-up, based on the actual business needs, select a product and enter the application name, select the Data Storage Region, and click Create. The following will take Claiming the Conference Trial Version as an example, to explain the claiming and rapid deployment process.
    The default Data Storage for real-time audio and video service data is in Singapore, and the storage for instant messaging service data is in your selected data center.
    3. After completing the application creation, you will automatically enter the application details page, at which point you have quickly created an application and successfully received a free multi-person audio and video (TUIRoomKit) trial version. You can follow the three steps in the pop-up window on the right to quickly get the sample Demo running. The specific steps are as follows:
    3.1 Select the product you want to rapidly deploy, then click Next.
    3.2 Integration Guide: Select the corresponding platform according to the application, modify the configuration following the steps. After completing the changes, click Next.
    3.3 At this point, you have successfully configured it. You can follow the prompt steps to start compiling and running your own sample Demo. Click Done to complete the configuration. For further testing, click on Integration Guide to go to the Conference configuration details page.
    4. After activation, you can peek at the information on the current page and refer to the Integration Guide for integration. The SDKAppID and SDKSecretKey here will be used in subsequent steps.

    Viewing Application List

    After the application is successfully created, the created application information will be displayed in the application section of the overview. Click the application you want to view to display its basic information.
    The basic information displayed includes application name, SDKAppID, application description, TAG, application status, key, application creation time, and service area. Additionally, you can verify whether advanced functions have been enabled and which products have been utilized.
    Information Item
    Application Name
    The custom application name designated during application creation.
    The SDKAppID, automatically generated after the creation of the application, serves as the unique identifier for the application. This parameter must be provided when invoking the VOICE API interface.
    Application Description
    You have the option to create a custom description for the application.
    Application Version
    By default, RTC engine are set to the basic version. You may upgrade to a higher version in order to unlock additional features based on your business needs. For more information, see RTC-Engine Packages.To use the Call application, you need to claim the Free Trial version. You can upgrade to a higher version based on your business needs to unlock corresponding value-added features. TRTC Call Monthly Packages
    Tag values are established in Application Info and are utilized to distinguish and manage your various resources on Tencent Cloud. For instance, a corporation may have numerous departments, each with one or more TRTC applications. In this case, the corporation can mark departmental information by adding tags to TRTC applications.
    Service Status
    The current service status of the application comprises two states: Normal and Disabled. If the service status indicates "Disabled" and it was not manually suspended, please ascertain whether the package balance is zero, and if the Tencent Cloud Account has an overdue balance.
    Key information utilized for initializing the SDK configuration file.
    Creation Time
    The time at which the application was successfully established.

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    To examine the fundamental detailed insights of an application, kindly refer to Application Information.
    Should you need to arrange or peruse the application function configuration details, please consult Function Configuration.
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