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Creating Application

Last updated: 2022-04-21 16:54:45

    TRTC manages different businesses or projects by application. You can create different applications for your business or projects in the TRTC console to achieve data separation.


    Each Tencent Cloud account can create up to 100 TRTC applications.

    Creating Application

    1. Log in to the TRTC console and click Application Management on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Create Application, enter an application name, and tag your application.

      An application name can contain up to 15 characters. Only digits, letters, Chinese characters, and underscores are allowed.

    3. Click Confirm.

    Viewing Application List

    After an application is created, its information, including SDKAppID, application name, tag, service status, and creation time, is displayed in the application list.

    Item Description
    SDKAppID SDKAppID is the unique identifier of an application and is generated automatically upon application creation. It is a required parameter for calling audio APIs.
    Application Name The name specified during application creation
    Tag Tags added in Application Info.
    You can use tags to mark and sort your Tencent Cloud resources. For example, your company may have multiple business units, each using one or more TRTC applications. You can tag the applications with the information of the corresponding business units.
    Service Status The service status of the application, which may be Normal or Disabled.
    If it is Disabled, please check whether your package has remaining minutes, and whether your account has overdue payment.
    Creation Time Time when the application is created
    Operation Usage Statistics, Function Configuration, Application Info


    • To search for an application in the application list, see Searching Application.
    • To view the basic information of an application, see Application Info.
    • To configure the functions of an application or view configuration information, see Function Configuration.
    • If you want to set an image as the background displayed during on-cloud stream mixing, you can add the image in Material Management.
    • To get the demo source code for a quick start, see Quick Start.
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