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Cloud Bare Metal

Cloud Bare Metal (CBM) is a scalable and high-performance cloud-based bare metal instance featuring the lossless performance and resource security isolation of physical machines. It slashes the time to get physical machines to minutes and frees you from troublesome capacity management and Ops, so that you can focus more on business innovation.

Cloud Bare Metal
Superior Performance
Superior Performance

Get rid of virtualization costs and resource preemption and enjoy all the benefits of physical machines. CBM comes with different high instance specifications on demand and well supports high-bandwidth and low-latency cloud storage and networking services.

Quick Delivery
Quick Delivery

Deliver resources in minutes. Deliverables such as operating system, storage partition, and private/public network services are automatically deployed, with inherent monitoring and security capabilities.

Low Costs
Low Costs

Save heavy one-time investments in purchasing basic devices and greatly reduce maintenance labor and costs thanks to CBM's comprehensive and convenient monitoring and troubleshooting services.

Full Compatibility with VPC
Full Compatibility with VPC

Make your cloud resources easy to use and secure as CBM instances run in public cloud VPCs, which enables smooth communications among Tencent Cloud products.

Ops-Free Use
Ops-Free Use

Leverage 24/7 Ops services driven by advanced monitoring and fault diagnosis technologies to automatically discover common faults in your CBM instances and trigger the fix process promptly. This helps ensure a high instance availability.

Service Integration
Service Integration

Enjoy complete solutions for your diverse business requirements as CBM can be closely integrated with most Tencent Cloud services such as COS, VPC, and TKE.

  • CBM sets up a unified big data and computing platform in the Apache Hadoop framework to collect, store, analyze, search for, and mine high amounts of data. This helps you tap into the value of data and apply data to a wealth of scenarios, such as historical data statistics collection, interactive query, targeted marketing, fraud detection, and social network analysis.
  • CBM provides up to 16 TB (SATA HDD) * 12 capacity in a single instance to support massive data storage and high-speed read/write. It can bond two ENIs in a 100 Gigabit network to sustain unlimited data exchange.
  • With the secure and flexible VPC, you can allocate a logically isolated network space to protect your business and make it more reliable.
Big Data
  • An increasing number of enterprises are leveraging OpenStack to virtualize their private cloud platforms (KVM, Docker, etc.) and shift basic IT architectures towards resource sharing, with the aim to tackle performance bottlenecks during peak hours in the shared environment, make architectures more adaptive to businesses, and simplify system management.
  • CBM adopts Tencent Cloud's proprietary virtualization technology and supports nested virtualization to allow for the greatest freedom on the virtualization platform. It is the best choice to set up a private cloud virtualization platform.
  • In addition, VPC enables you to flexibly define networks as needed to build multiple virtualized network planes.
  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are very attractive in their colorful images, grand scenes, multiple modes, and large-scale cross-server events. Players can see each other in the same region, and all their operations need to be broadcast in the view. When the number of players is large, high requirements are put on the load, stability, and network of the accessed server.
  • A game application has a short lifecycle. During the operations peak, you can rely on Tencent Cloud's huge resource pool to quickly add servers; when some features are to be disused and the value shrinks at the end of the lifecycle, you can purchase pay-as-you-go CBM instances on demand to reshape your cost structure and lower the TCO.
  • You can deploy the combat logic module of your game in CBM instances to accommodate high I/O and PPS based on the high performance of bare metal.
  • Moreover, Tencent Cloud IDCs are built with a security protection module that can well protect CBM instances from DDoS and CC attacks.
  • Fluid mechanics, structural simulation, DNA sequencing, hydrocarbon exploration, and other HPC scenarios are highly sensitive to the performance, stability, and real-timeness of servers. CBM inherits the excellent computing capabilities of physical machines and can work with Tencent Cloud's customized CPUs to offer up to 256 cores in a single instance.
  • CBM provides latest GPU-optimized instances with heterogeneous hardware to accelerate HPC jobs at lower costs.
  • CBM HPC clusters are interconnected at a latency of 2–3 us over the RoCEv2 RDMA network and can be dynamically scaled for an even higher computing power. This also helps achieve a nearly linear computing acceleration ratio.
High-Performance Computing

CBM is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. For more information, see CVM billing overview. In addition, duration-based discounts are offered, which may differ from those for CVM and are subject to the information on the purchase page.

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