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Instance Specification

Last updated: 2024-01-03 14:08:10
    CBM combines the elasticity of a virtual machine and the stable and strong computing performance of a physical machine. It can be integrated seamlessly with all Tencent Cloud products such as networks and databases, making it widely applicable in big data, high-performance computing, cloud gaming, and many more fields. CBM helps you quickly build dedicated and isolated physical machine clusters in the cloud, making it an ideal choice for those seeking for ultimate performance.
    When you create a CBM instance, the instance type you specify determines its server hardware configuration. The computing, memory, and storage features vary by instance type. You can select an appropriate instance type based on the scale of your application to be deployed. These instances consist of different combinations of CPU, memory, storage, heterogeneous hardware, and network bandwidth, so you can flexibly select appropriate resources for your applications.

    Instance Limits

    The total number of instances that can be started in a region is limited. For more information, see Purchase Limits.
    Limits on system and data disks that can be mounted to an instance: To ensure premium disk I/O performance, Tencent Cloud sets limits on the size and type of data disks purchased with an instance. For more information, see the disks supplied with the corresponding instance family. You can also purchase separate cloud disks if you have higher disk requirements.
    Note that the private network bandwidth capacity of an instance specification is the private network bandwidth cap of the corresponding instance. If the private network traffic exceeds this limit, random packet loss may occur within the private network of your instances.
    The available instance specifications may vary by region. Certain configurations may be sold out, subject to the information on the purchase page.
    The numbers of sent/received packets mentioned in this document are the results of the network forwarding test. For more information on the testing method, see Network Performance Test. Separate testing is needed to estimate the performance for your business.
    Instances fall into different types based on the business scenario.

    Standard Instance

    Standard instances provide a balance of compute, memory, and network resources to accommodate most applications.

    Memory Optimized Instance

    Memory Optimized instances feature large memory and are suitable for applications that require extensive memory operations, searches, and computing, such as high-performance databases and distributed memory caching.

    High I/O Instance

    High I/O instances feature high random IOPS, high throughput and low latency and are well-suited for I/O-intensive applications that require high disk read/write performance and low latency, such as high-performance databases.

    Big Data Instance

    The big data family is equipped with massive storage resources, features high throughput, and is suitable for throughput-intensive applications such as Hadoop distributed computing, massive log processing, distributed file systems, and large data warehouses.

    GPU Compute Instance

    GPU Compute instances are equipped with heterogeneous GPU to deliver real-time, fast parallel computing and floating point computing capabilities. They are suitable for high-performance applications such as deep learning, scientific computing, video encoding/decoding, and graphics workstations.
    To use NVIDIA GPU instances for general computing tasks, you need to install the Tesla driver and CUDA toolkit. For more information, see Installing NVIDIA Driver and Installing CUDA Driver.
    To use NVIDIA GPU instances for 3D rendering tasks such as high-performance graphics processing and video encoding/decoding, you need to install a GRID driver and configure a license server.

    Other Available Instances

    If the following instances are sold out, we recommend you select new-gen ones in the same family.
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