Mobile Live Video Broadcasting (MLVB) is an easy to use SDK containing all the fundamental features a live stream client would need. It supports all major video codecs and streaming protocols. It is compatible with standard live streaming services, making it easy for you to develop custom apps and launch end-to-end live streaming services. You can use it with Tencent Cloud’s Live Video Broadcast (LVB) and Video on Demand (VOD) services to build a professional one-stop cloud streaming solution.

Easy Integration

MLVB is a cross-platform SDK featuring APIs that are straightforward to use and can be easily integrated into any iOS or Android app. A web client SDK is also available.

High Quality Live Streams

The MLVB SDK guarantees a stable and smooth live streaming experience with low latency. It supports all major video codecs and streaming protocols to give your audience the best video quality. You can use it together with Tencent Cloud LVB service and enable RTMP over QUIC for an enhanced viewing experience.

Built-in Smart Filters

MLVB comes with built-in content analysis algorithms, enabling smart features such as real-time face detection and beauty filters to enhance your live streaming solution.

Live Streaming

MLVB SDK utilizes a powerful encoder engine and a reliable packager. The SDK works well with all standard live streaming services. You can use it with Tencent Cloud LVB with RTMP over QUIC enabled for an ultra-fast and smooth live streaming experience.

Live Stream Playback

MLVB supports multiple network protocols including RTMP, FLV, and HLS. Adaptive bitrate streaming is also supported so your viewers can enjoy a smooth playback regardless of their network condition.

Built-in Filters

MLVB offers a variety of filters with real-time effects such as light compensation, beauty effects and more.

Cross-platform Compatibility

MLVB is completely cross-platform compatible and can be easily integrated to any iOS or Android app. A web client SDK is also provided.


Viewers can watch live events or OTT content anywhere and anytime on their chosen device.

With MLVB, you can quickly and easily start streaming live on your mobile device, with either a iOS or Android app or even a web-based client.

Combine the MLVB SDK with any IM service to increase user engagement. Increase viewership interactivity with on-screen comments, reviews, likes and more.


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