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Product Overview

Last updated: 2024-01-13 15:49:41
    The Mobile Live Video Broadcasting (MLVB) SDK is specifically designed for mobile live streaming scenarios, supporting features such as live push streaming, pull streaming, interactive streaming with audience, anchor cross-room battle, and more. It provides users with reliable and fast live streaming services on their devices. Together with the Cloud Live Broadcasting Service (LVB), it helps users quickly implement live streaming capabilities in their own apps.

    Basic features

    Feature Support: Live stream publishing, mic connect, anchor PK, and playback.
    Platform Support: Web/H5, iOS, Android, Flutter
    For a better product function and performance experience, it is advised to combine with Tencent Cloud Streaming Services.

    Use Cases

    MLVB SDK is ideal for show live, live shopping, sports streaming, new product launches, roadshows, online auctions, and other large-scale, high-concurrent live viewing device applications.


    Open-source UI for quick integration

    You can quickly implement mobile live streaming solutions by integrating the MLVB SDK into your project for iOS, Android, and web, etc. There are no restrictions on streaming devices.

    Quick publishing

    You can use the MLVB SDK together with CSS and use RTMP over QUIC to quickly publish streams to Tencent Cloud at low latency and stuttering rate.


    Thanks to the use of UDP, the latency of LEB is kept within 1s, as opposed to 3-5s in traditional live streaming. This, along with excellent instant streaming performance and low stuttering rate, guarantees a superior streaming experience.

    Low-latency co-anchoring

    Powered by Tencent Cloud’s years of experience in developing audio/video technologies, the MLVB SDK supports real-time audio/video calls and allows co-anchoring between users on different platforms.

    AI technology

    MLVB uses AI technologies to enable real-time application of beauty filters and animated stickers, enhancing interaction in different live streaming scenarios.

    More Media SDKs

    In addition to MLVB SDK, we also provide User Generated Short Video (UGSV) , Player and Effect SDKs to quickly meet different applications requirement. You can choose the appropriate SDK you need. If you need both MLVB, UGSV, Player functions, you can also choose to download the All-In-One SDK
    Player SDK
    All-In-One SDK
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