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Product Overview

Last updated: 2022-06-14 12:41:45

    The Mobile Live Video Broadcasting (MLVB) SDK extends CSS to mobile devices. CSS works mainly in the cloud, while MLVB provides not only an RTMP SDK that allows quick integration, but also a one-stop, multi-cloud solution that integrates Tencent Cloud services including LVB, LEB, VOD, IM, and COS.

    Architecture and Solutions

    Quick integration of MLVB features

    You can use the MLVB SDK’s publishing feature together with LVB and LEB to quickly equip your application with the capability to publish live streams at higher quality and faster speed. The SDK supports playback over RTMP, FLV, HLS, and WebRTC, with reduced stuttering and improved watching experience. It’s suitable for a wide range of live streaming scenarios on different platforms.

    After activating CSS, you can generate your own publishing and playback URLs in the format required by Tencent Cloud. With publishing and playback URLs, plus the RTMP SDK provided by MLVB that allows quick integration, you can quickly equip your application with live streaming capabilities.

    Integrated solution

    If you want to integrate a complete set of live streaming features into your application, please see Trial Demo.

    Built on Tencent Cloud's basic services including CSS, VOD, IM, and COS, RT-Cube provides common live streaming features such as text chat, on-screen comment, like giving and heart sending, beauty filters, skinned meshes, mic connect, and identity authentication. All the features are designed as stackable modules, which you can assemble as you like to build a prototype for your live streaming application in as short as 1 day.

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