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Last updated: 2022-09-15 10:23:19

    We offer the MLVB Professional SDK for users outside the Chinese mainland. To learn about its features and the license required to use it, see Features.

    MLVB Professional

    MLVB Professional integrates multiple core audio/video features of Tencent Cloud, including MLVB, TRTC, live publishing/playback, and basic filters.

    Platform ZIP File 64-bit Support Increase Installation Package By Downsizing Installation Package
    iOS Download Yes 5.69MB(arm64) Document
    Android Download Yes 9.15MB(armv7)

    Different authorization is required to use different features of MLVB Professional:

    • To use MLVB features, you must purchase an MLVB Professional license.
    • To use TRTC features, you must purchase a TRTC package.
    • Before you use the MLVB SDK, you need to set up the GDPR environment:




    [V2TXLivePremier setEnvironment:@"GDPR"];
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