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TDMQ for CMQ is a distributed high-availability message queue service that provides a reliable message-based async communication mechanism. It enables message sending/receiving among different applications deployed in a distributed manner (or different components of the same application) and stores the delivered messages in reliable and valid CMQ queues to prevent message loss. It supports multi-process simultaneous read/write, so that message sending and receiving do not interfere with each other, eliminating the need for the applications or components to keep running.

High Performance

TDMQ for CMQ can efficiently send, receive, and push hundreds of millions of messages. It can process over 100,000 queries per second (QPS) with one single cluster, fully meeting the messaging needs of your businesses.

High Availability

TDMQ for CMQ stores data in three replicas. When a node is faulty, the data replication mechanism on the backend can quickly migrate the data, achieving a 99.999999% reliability and guaranteeing a 99.95% business continuity.

Horizontal Scalability

The underlying system of TDMQ for CMQ can automatically increase the number of message queues and expand the storage capacity based on the business scope, and the scaling process is imperceptible to the upper-layer businesses.

High Security and Reliability

TDMQ for CMQ supports key authentication and leverages multidimensional security protection of the Tencent Cloud platform to defend against network attacks and protect the privacy of your businesses. In addition, it supports CAM for account permission management and fine-grained resource access control.

Ease of OPS-free Use

TDMQ for CMQ provides access APIs and multiple SDKs for Java, C++, etc., reducing your development costs and facilitate cloudification. It features multidimensional monitoring and alarming, eliminating your concerns over OPS of underlying resources and enabling you to focus on business development.


The benefits of TDMQ for CMQ are well reflected in the distributed transactions of WeChat's red packet system. The WeChat architecture team has integrated the message queue service into the red packet system to reduce the overheads of distributed transactions on the system. When fund crediting fails, the account system will continuously pull the corresponding message from the message queue service and retry this update operation, ensuring that the crediting message will never get lost and avoiding the drawbacks such as rollback upon crediting failure and frequent polling of the database.

TDMQ for CMQ supports authentication based on HTTPS plus key for message delivery and leverages multidimensional security protection of the Tencent Cloud platform to defend against network attacks and protect the privacy of your businesses. If it is used by multiple business departments in your company at the same time, and you want to control their permissions, it allows you to set fine-grained resource permission policies.

TDMQ for CMQ can be deployed in multiple AZs. You can synchronously (for strong consistency) or asynchronously (for eventual consistency) store message bodies based on your business characteristics. If the message queue data on the primary node are completely lost due to force majeure events, the recovery point objective (RPO) for the primary and secondary nodes is within 5 minutes. After the disaster recovery and failover are completed, data difference may exist. In this case, you can associate with other databases for data reconciliation. The finance-grade disaster recovery solution safeguards core businesses of WeBank and Tenpay.

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