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Using an HTTPS Proxy

Last updated: 2023-02-21 10:41:36
    This document describes how to configure and use an HTTPS proxy.


    You can configure an HTTPS proxy in the following ways:
    Run the following command based on the operating system that you use to configure an HTTPS proxy in an environment variable:
    Linux\\Unix and macOS
    export https_proxy=
    export https_proxy=https://myproxy.com:1111
    setx http_proxy=
    set http_proxy=https://myproxy.com:1111
    # setx means to set a permanent environment variable. Restart the terminal for the setting to take effect.
    Run the following command and use the --https-proxy option in the command line to configure an HTTPS proxy:
    # Example:
    tccli cvm DescribeRegions --https-proxy
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