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Why Tencent Cloud?
Learn why leading companies across industries are choosing Tencent Cloud to solve their toughest challenges.
Cost-Effective Digital Transformation
Free trials of various products
Extensive Industry Experience
One-stop solutions for various industries and scenarios
Customer-Centric Service
24/7 hotline to answer your questions anytime
Support for Global Enterprises
Strong global infrastructure across 21 regions
Tencent's C2B Advantage
Reach out to 1 billion+ WeChat and QQ users
Cost-Effective Digital TransformationCost-Effective Digital Transformation
• Featured solutions: With a full range of products and solutions for various industries, enterprises can quickly build systems, and scale up or scale down to save costs and meet their business needs. • Multiple benefits: Businesses can enjoy free trials for a variety of products, get access to professional technical guides and tutorials, and communicate with the international community.
Extensive Industry ExperienceExtensive Industry Experience
• Industry Experience: Tencent Cloud has extensive industry experience, providing one-stop solutions across various industries including gaming, finance, education, e-commerce, media, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and more. • Business Scenarios: From basic infrastructure to industry applications, Tencent Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of products and services and provides full-stack solutions for a wide range of business scenarios to support the growth of enterprises.
Customer-Centric ServiceCustomer-Centric Service
• Flexible billing: Pay-as-you-go gives you the most cost-effective way to cloudify your business and experience a multitude of products and capabilities. • Customer first: Our professional after-sales team provides 24/7 technical services to help move your business to the cloud without any hassle.
Support for Global EnterprisesSupport for Global Enterprises
• Global reach: We currently operate 58 availability zones across 21 geographic regions around the globe, with 3200+ CDN nodes deployed globally, providing strong technical support for enterprises to facilitate their rapid business expansion. • Safe and reliable: Backed by 7 security laboratories and 70+ recognized certifications, Tencent Cloud's mission is providing you with safe, reliable, and compliant cloud products and services.
Tencent's C2B AdvantageTencent's C2B Advantage
• Consumer-end advantage: With access to two major social network platforms (WeChat and QQ), Tencent Cloud allows businesses to reach more than one billion users. • Business-end connection: By leveraging Tencent's customer-end experience and capabilities, businesses can provide more customized products and services to serve the unique needs of their customers.
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Tencent Cloud Solutions
Tencent Cloud provides a full suite of industry and technical solutions that fit a wide variety of business scenarios, ensuring that customers can move to cloud securely and efficiently.
Customer Success Stories
See why companies around the world are choosing Tencent Cloud to fuel their successSee more success stories >
  • Bank Neo Commerce

    We are delighted to welcome Tencent Cloud in bringing TDSQL into BNC’s core system, which is in time with our move to boost our business through financial technology. We look forward to using an upgraded database architecture to serve our customers’ various and wide-ranging business needs and demands.

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  • Bravesoft

    Tencent Cloud has many success stories in Japan in terms of real-time distribution and live streaming technologies, which further enhances our confidence in Tencent Cloud services.

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    Tencent Cloud helped us serve more than 10 million users across Southeast Asia to create an ecosystem among our users and sustain fast growth of e-book stores & UGC platforms.

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  • Blue Insurance Hong Kong

    Backed by Tencent Cloud, we have achieved a remarkable business performance, and secured a leading position in the online insurance industry to provide better insurance products and services for our customers in Hong Kong.

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