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Table Group

Last updated: 2020-07-31 11:16:00

    Table Group Overview

    As a logic isolation method in TcaplusDB, a table group represents a data partition that can separate different tables from each other. A cluster can contain multiple table groups, and a table group can contain multiple tables. Different table groups cannot access data of each other.

    From the perspective of gaming business, if a gaming business supports unified servers in all zones and can read/write the same table group in the cluster, then it does not need to be divided into different zones. It can also be server-specific/zone-specific, i.e., the cluster can contain multiple table groups.

    Creating Table Group

    For detailed directions, please see Creating Table Group.

    Table Group Details

    You can view the table group configuration and attributes on the cluster list page to understand the overall cluster usage.
    You can log in to the TcaplusDB Console and enter the cluster list to view the table group information of the target cluster.

    Table group information contains the following four fields:

    • ID: it is the ID of the table group in the current cluster, which is required during database connection. Please note that the table group IDs may be repeated in different clusters.
    • Table Group Name: you can customize the name of the table group based on its actual purpose.
    • Table Count: it indicates the number of tables in the current table group.
    • Total Capacity: it indicates the disk capacity used by the tables in the current table group.
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