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Last updated: 2020-12-22 10:44:53


    This command is used to import data in CSV or XML format to update or add records.


    ## Importing an XML File
    load table infile filename using tdr;
    ## Importing a CSV File
    load table infile filename;


    Parameter Protobuf TDR Required
    table Table name Table name Yes
    using tdr Not supported When data in XML format is imported, the file structure must strictly comply with the XML syntax. A TDR file must be provided when the client is started. No
    infile Read data from the file. Read data from the file. Yes


    For more information, see Error Codes.


    tcaplus> load table_list infile table_list_dump.xml using tdr;
    loaded 49 records successful
    tcaplus> load table_list infile table_list-dump.txt;
    loaded 98 records successful
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