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Email Sending

Last updated: 2023-12-22 10:21:56
    SES only allows sending emails through templates.


    Step 1. Configure the template

    1. Go to the Overview page in the SES console and click Email Template.
    2. Click Create on the Email Template page.
    3. Set the following parameters as needed:
    Template Name: Enter a template name, for example, test.
    Template Type: Select HTML rich text.
    Email Summary: Enter an email summary, for example, notification email template.
    Email Body: Click Upload and select an HTML file as the email body.
    The email content can be in plain text or rich text format, the latter of which requires HTML code.
    4. Click Preview to preview the email template.
    5. Click Submit and wait for the review.
    The template will be reviewed after submission and can be used to send emails upon approval. The review process will take one business day.

    Step 2. Send the email

    SES offers three ways to send emails:
    Sending in the console.
    Sending through the API.
    Sending through SMTP.
    For brief directions on how to send emails in the console, see this documentation in Getting Started; for detailed directions, see Console Guide. For more information on the other two ways, see API Category and SMTP Email Sending Guide.
    1. Click Email Sending to enter the Email Sending page.
    This page only supports sending a small number of emails (involving up to 20 recipient addresses at a time). To email more addresses, see Batch sending in the console or use the API or SMTP for email sending as instructed in API Category or SMTP Email Sending Guide.
    2. Set the following parameters as needed:
    Template: Select an approved email template.
    Subject: Enter an email subject.
    From: Select the configured sender address.
    To: Enter the email addresses and separate them by carriage return.
    Variables: Enter variables, or leave them empty if your template contains no variables.
    Unsubscription Management: If it is enabled, an unsubscribe link will be automatically inserted at the end of the email.
    3. After the email is sent successfully, view the statistics on the Statistics page to track the email, as data may be subject to a certain latency.
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