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SMTP Email Sending Guide

Last updated: 2023-12-22 10:26:46

    Enabling SMTP Sending Feature


    Step 1. Go to the sender address page

    Log in to the SES console and click Configuration > Sender Address on the left sidebar to enter the sender address page.

    Step 2. Configure the SMTP password

    1. In the sender address list, find the one for which you want to enable SMTP sending, and click Set SMTP Password in the Operation column.
    2. Enter the SMTP password in the pop-up window and click OK.

    Sending Email via SMTP API

    For the SMTP sample code and specific request parameters, response parameters, and error codes, see SMTP Sample Call.
    Emails with attachments can be sent as instructed in Sending Email with Attachment via SMTP.

    SMTP Sending Frequency

    The current call rate of the SMTP API is limited to 20 times per second under the same Tencent Cloud account appId. In addition, the same sender can send up to 10 emails per hour to the same recipient.
    We will deliver emails as soon as possible after receiving them. However, due to the different traffic throttling and reputation protection policies of different email systems, in order to improve your email delivery success rate, we recommend you send emails at a lower frequency.
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