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Last updated: 2022-08-11 11:23:36

Domain Verification APIs

API Name Feature
CreateEmailIdentity Creates a sender domain
DeleteEmailIdentity Deletes a sender domain
GetEmailIdentity Gets the configuration details of a sender domain
ListEmailIdentities Gets the list of sender domains
UpdateEmailIdentity Verifies DNS configuration

Email APIs

API Name Feature
SendEmail Sends an email

Template APIs

API Name Feature
CreateEmailTemplate Creates an email template
DeleteEmailTemplate Deletes an email template
GetEmailTemplate Gets the details of a template
ListEmailTemplates Gets the list of email templates
UpdateEmailTemplate Updates an email template

Statistics APIs

API Name Feature
GetStatisticsReport Gets email sending statistics

Sender Address APIs

API Name Feature
CreateEmailAddress Creates a sender address
DeleteEmailAddress Deletes a sender address
ListEmailAddress Gets the list of sender addresses

Blocklist APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteBlackList Unblocklists recipient addresses
ListBlackEmailAddress Gets blocklisted email addresses

Sending Status Query APIs

API Name Feature
GetSendEmailStatus Gets the email sending status

Batch Task APIs

API Name Feature
BatchSendEmail Sends an email to multiple recipients at a time
CreateReceiver Creates a recipient group
CreateReceiverDetail Adds recipient email addresses
DeleteReceiver Deletes a recipient group
ListReceivers Queries recipient groups
ListSendTasks Queries email sending tasks
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