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Last updated: 2022-02-22 15:27:21

    What value-added capabilities does the Premium Edition offer?

    The Premium Edition allows you to grant the identification permissions of more data assets and use classification and grading standards, manual tagging, and other value-added capabilities. It will continuously add more data security capabilities in subsequent versions.

    How do I connect data assets to DSGC?

    DSGC relies on the standard security framework in the cloud and requires your authorization before it can connect to your cloud-based data system. The authorization will not affect your original VPC resources, and DSGC will fully protect tenant audit information to ensure data security.

    How does DSGC protect sensitive data?

    Once authorized, DSGC interconnects with your data system, scans your data in the cloud, and performs classification, grading, and exceptional access monitoring on the data to prevent any attacks.

    Will sensitive data identification affect my business performance?

    DSGC identifies sensitive data by sampling and scanning. You can set the number of sampled rows (the more samples, the higher the accuracy) and configure automatic scan during off-peak hours or manual scan at specified times. These measures eliminate DSGC's impact on your business performance.

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