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Special Scenario - Unity Connection

Last updated: 2022-06-22 15:20:24

    This document describes how to connect Unity to HTTPDNS.

    Sample Code for Android

    Initialize the HTTPDNS and Beacon APIs first:


    If you have connected to MSDK or separately connected to Tencent Beacon, you don't need to initialize Beacon.

    private static AndroidJavaObject m_dnsJo;
    private static AndroidJavaClass sGSDKPlatformClass;
    public static void Init() {
    AndroidJavaClass jc = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer");
    if (jc == null)
    AndroidJavaObject joactivety = jc.GetStatic("currentActivity");
    if (joactivety == null)
    AndroidJavaObject context = joactivety.Call("getApplicationContext");
    // Initialize HTTPDNS
    AndroidJavaObject joDnsClass = new AndroidJavaObject("com.tencent.msdk.dns.MSDKDnsResolver");
    Debug.Log(" WGGetHostByName ===========" + joDnsClass);
    if (joDnsClass == null)
    m_dnsJo = joDnsClass.CallStatic("getInstance");
    Debug.Log(" WGGetHostByName ===========" + m_dnsJo);
    if (m_dnsJo == null)
    m_dnsJo.Call("init", context);
    // Initialize Beacon
    AndroidJavaObject joBeaconClass = new AndroidJavaObject("com.tencent.beacon.event.UserAction");
    if (joBeaconClass == null)
    m_dnsJo.Call("initUserAction", context);

    Then, call the HTTPDNS APIs to resolve the domain:

    // We recommend you perform this operation in a child thread
    public static string GetHttpDnsIP( string strUrl ) {
    string strIp = string.Empty;
    // Resolve and get the IP configuration set
    strIp = m_dnsJo.Call("getAddrByName", strUrl);
    Debug.Log( strIp );
    if( strIp != null )
    // Take the first one
    string[] strIps = strIp.Split(';');
    strIp = strIps[0];
    return strIp;

    Sample Code for iOS

    Declare the APIs in the CS file:

    #if UNITY_IOS
    private static extern string WGGetHostByName(string domain);

    For the part that requires DNS query, call the WGGetHostByName(string domain) method and proceed as follows:

    string ips = WGGetHostByName(string domain);
    string[] sArray=ips.Split(new char[] {';'});
    if (sArray != null && sArray.Length > 1) {
      if (!sArray[1].Equals("0")) {
          // Suggestion: use an IPv6 address first if it exists
          // TODO: make a connection by using an IPv6 address. Be sure to enclose the IPv6 address in square brackets, such as `http://[64:ff9b::b6fe:7475]/`
        } else {
          // Connect by using the IPv4 address

    Package the Unity project into an Xcode project and perform operations such as importing dependent libraries as described above.

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