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    Streaming is a translation mode in which the translation outcome is delivered while the translation is in progress rather than after it is completed, making the translation quicker and more efficient.

    Target language

    The target language is the language into which the text will be translated. For example, if you want to translate “Bonjour” into “Hello”, the target language is English.

    Simultaneous interpretation

    Simultaneous interpretation is a mode of interpreting in which the interpreter continually translates what a speaker is saying into text or speech at the same time.

    Application Programming Interface

    Application programming interface (API) refers to the code that a software system provides for an application to call. Developers can call a set of functional APIs without having to consider the underlying source code or understand the internal working mechanisms. APIs include those for Linux and Windows.

    Source language

    The source language is the language in which the text to translate is written. For example, if you want to translate “Bonjour” into “Hello”, the source language is French.
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