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Product Features

Last updated: 2024-03-04 11:52:04

    Musical Understanding and Processing

    Encompasses understanding, analyzing, and processing the content and structure of music, with abilities including but not limited to:
    Beat Detection: Given a piece of original music, the feature can automatically pinpoint the locations or timestamps of beats.
    Climax Detection: Given a piece of original music, it detects climactic events, and automatically locates all chorus sections.
    Prelude Skipping: Given a piece of original music, it automatically recognizes the ending timestamp of the prelude (where the singing commences).
    Source Separation: Given a piece of original music, it separates individual tracks to output four distinct soundtracks namely vocals, backing track, drums and bass.
    Music Scoring: Rates the music that requires scoring against a benchmark piece, grading various aspects like intonation and rhythm.
    Music Tagging: Given a piece of original music, it understands various dimensions such as intensity, mood, style, and emotion of the music, thereby automatically generating and outputting music tags for each system.
    Vocal Transcription: Given a piece of original music, it isolates the vocal part, calculates the pitch and range of individual notes, and outputs a standard MIDI file.

    Intelligent Music Generation

    Encompasses intelligent synthesis, composition, and adaptation of a music piece's vocals or accompaniment. This specifically includes the following abilities:
    Intelligent Composition: Automatically creates solo melodies or multi-track accompaniment based on a few musical notes or conditional prompts.
    Vocal Synthesis: Automatically synthesizes high-fidelity vocal stem from sheet music.

    Cross-Modal Fusion of Music

    Integrates music deeply with cross-modal information such as video, text, and images to achieve intelligent content production. This specifically includes the following abilities:
    Music Video: Inputs the original MV, automatically clips the highlights from both spatial and temporal dimensions, and matches them with the climax of the original music.
    Video Background Music: Analyzes information such as scenes, objects, and events in the video, recommends matching music styles, emotions, and rhythms from the music library, and synthesizes them into background music.
    Music-Dance Generation: Generates matching dance moves based on the melody, rhythm, and emotion of the music, supporting coordinate information and animated video output.
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