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Release Notes

Last updated: 2022-08-29 15:49:57

    July 2022

    Optimized the purchase process The purchase process of TencentDB for MongoDB is optimized to improve the user experience. Creating TencentDB for MongoDB Instance
    Redesigned the **Instance Details** page After purchasing an instance, you can quickly view its details in the console, such as the status, capacity usage, primary/secondary nodes in the cluster, and network status. You can also perform Ops and management operations efficiently. Viewing Instance Details
    Added the node management feature TencentDB for MongoDB allows you to view the instance node information. In addition, it supports node management operations, such as adjusting node specification, promoting replica node to primary node, enabling read-only replica, and configuring primary/secondary failover. You can use node management to efficiently manage instance nodes and locate node exceptions. Node Management

    June 2022

    Supported SSL authentication TencentDB for MongoDB supports SSL authentication to implement encrypted data transfer. SSL Authentication

    May 2022

    Added MongoDB index recommendation Real-time log information can be collected and analyzed automatically. The optimal index will be recommended and ranked by its impact on performance, which can be operated online. Index Recommendation
    Supported MongoDB SQL throttling You can control the database requests and SQL concurrency by restrictions on SQL type, maximum concurrency, throttling duration, and SQL keywords to ensure the fast business restoration when excessive CPU is consumed due to high traffic. SQL Throttling
    Enhanced MongoDB basic capabilities
  • SQL template samples and detailed template records are added for slow SQL analysis feature.
  • Slow SQL details can be queried.
  • Top table trend and information are added; top database and table search is supported for space analysis.
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    March 2022

    Added the API for creating pay-as-you-go instances Pay-as-you-go instances can be purchased, modified, and renewed through APIs. CreateDBInstanceHour

    February 2022

    Optimized interactions in the console Interactions for instance details and slow log query in the console are optimized. Viewing Instance Details
    Optimized the database audit performance Tens of thousands of audit logs can be generated per second. Database Audit

    January 2022

    Connected to DBbrain DBbrain is connected to improve the Ops efficiency. -

    September 2021

    Supported database parameter configuration You can adjust the database parameters in the console to optimize the performance. Parameter Configuration

    August 2021

    Supported batch rollback You can batch roll back databases and tables in the console. Rolling back Data

    July 2021

    Supported flexible AZ switch Multi-AZ instances support free AZ switch, and single-AZ instances support upgrade to multi-AZ instances. Adjusting Instance AZ

    June 2021

    Supported database audit You can activate the database audit service in the console to use complete data security diagnosis and management features. -

    May 2021

    Supported dynamic shard and node quantity adjustment You can increase or decrease the number of shards in a sharded cluster and the number of nodes in a single shard in the console. Adjusting Instance Specification

    April 2021

    Added DTS migration support for sharded clusters TencentDB for MongoDB 4.0 and 4.2 sharded clusters support migration with DTS. Data Migration Guide

    March 2021

    Supported transparent process progress This features enables you to view the process progress and mark processes as terminated. Task Management

    February 2021

    Launched TencentDB for MongoDB 4.2 You can create and manage TencentDB for MongoDB instances on v4.2 in the console. Creating TencentDB for MongoDB Instance

    December 2020

    Supported unauthorized access TencentDB for MongoDB 3.6 and 4.0 allow you to enable or disable unauthorized access in the console. Unauthorized Access

    November 2020

    Added the single-node version Single-Node TencentDB for MongoDB is added. It is a cost-effective database service, whose operating costs are only one-third of the Cluster Edition while ensuring good performance. Overview

    October 2020

    Added CM support for configuring alarms for metrics at node and replica set levels CM enables you to configure alarms for TencentDB for MongoDB instances at the node level, such as CPU utilization and memory utilization. Configuring Alarm

    August 2020

    Launched monitoring at a 5-second granularity The finest granularity of monitoring is adjusted from 1 minute to 5 seconds to better display the changes of instance performance metrics in real time. Monitoring Feature
    Updated the upper limit of connections The upper limit of connections is adjusted for instances with different specifications to help you take better advantage of the instance performance.
  • Use Limits
  • Billing Overview
  • July 2020

    Released DTS for MongoDB v1.0 DTS for MongoDB v1.0 supports:
  • Migration between MongoDB databases whose version ranges from v3.0 to v4.0
  • Full sync + incremental data sync
  • Index sync
  • Automatic retries
  • Checkpoint restart
  • Latency display for incremental sync
  • Data Migration Guide

    June 2020

    Upgraded the proxy of MongoDB v3.2
  • The cached route tables generated by mongod's modifications in the backend are cleared.
  • The default timeout period of the client will no longer be used.
  • The performance is improved.
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