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A reliable system that offers DDoS protection solutions to different industries


Anti-DDoS offers comprehensive, efficient, and professional DDoS capabilities, providing enterprises and organizations with a variety of DDoS solutions such as Anti-DDoS Pro and Anti-DDoS Advanced to address DDoS attack issues. With ample and high-quality DDoS protection resources, combined with the continuously evolving "self-developed + AI intelligent recognition" cleaning algorithms, we ensure the stable and secure running of user businesses. The protection scenarios cover industries such as gaming, Internet, video, finance, and government.

Product Family
Anti-DDoS Basic
Automatically enabled for all Tencent Cloud users to provide basic DDoS protection, which is free of charge, installation, and maintenance.
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Anti-DDoS Pro
Provides a paid service with enhanced DDoS protection capabilities; after purchase, simply bind the IP that requires protection to use.
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Anti-DDoS Advanced
Boasts powerful resources, excellent cleaning and easy-to-use DDoS protection service, which counters DDoS attacks with high-protection IP by configuring forwarding rules.
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Solution Value

DDoS protection offers individuals and businesses highly available and reliable protection services, reducing security investments and operational costs, and avoiding direct or indirect economic losses caused by DDoS attacks.


Easily deploy powerful DDoS protection capabilities to effectively counter threats to business from illegal industries and DDoS attacks, ensuring safe and stable business operations.


DDoS protection provides targeted protection solutions for various industries, helping users defend against DDoS attacks to ensure business continuity and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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