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A basic DDoS protection service for Tencent Cloud users free of charge

Anti-DDoS Basic is a basic DDoS protection service provided for Tencent Cloud users free of charge with 2 Gbps protection capability. It is automatically activated to monitor the network traffic in real time and cleanse attack traffic as soon as it is detected, with protection started within seconds.

Installation-Free and OPS-Free Service

Anti-DDoS Basic eliminates your need to purchase expensive cleansing devices. It is activated for Tencent Cloud users by default with no installation required. If the traffic of attacks suffered by a CVM instance exceeds a certain threshold, DDoS cleansing will be started automatically.

DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS Basic can accurately identify and cleanse attack traffic based on extraordinary feature recognition algorithms so as to effectively defend your business against common DDoS attacks such as SYN flood and ICMP flood.

CC Protection

Anti-DDoS Basic leverages multiple analysis methods such as pattern recognition and identity recognition to accurately identify malicious requesters and uses various methods including 2FA and access control for targeted protection against CC attacks.

Abundant Protection Resources

Anti-DDoS Basic has 30 high-quality BGP lines to fully guarantee the business availability and stability, ensuring a stable business access speed during DDoS attacks.

Real-Time Monitoring

Anti-DDoS Basic checks traffic in real time based on proprietary protection clusters and algorithms to discover attack traffic immediately and start protection within seconds.

Attack Management

Anti-DDoS Basic accurately displays the attack traffic and event information in real time to keep you informed of the current protection effect.

Protection Against Common Attacks

As Tencent Cloud's proprietary security protection service, Anti-DDoS Basic provides your business with basic and effective DDoS protection services against common network layer DDoS attacks such as SYN flood, UDP flood, ACK flood, and ICMP flood as well as application layer DDoS attacks such as CC attacks.

Attack Report Management

Anti-DDoS Basic manages and collects the statistics of attack events and traffic to keep you up to date with the attack situation promptly.


Applicable Scenarios

- Scenarios where the businesses of individual or small-sized enterprise users have a low possibility of being attacked;

- Scenarios where the DDoS attack traffic does not exceed 2 Gbps.


Anti-DDoS Basic is Tencent Cloud's proprietary security protection service. It offers 2 Gbps basic DDoS protection capability for various Tencent Cloud services, for example, CVM, CLB, and NAT.


Anti-DDoS Basic is free of charge. After you purchase services such as CVM and CLB, it will be automatically activated with 2 Gbps protection capability.

For example, if you purchase and use CVM, Anti-DDoS Basic will be automatically activated for you. When the attack traffic exceeds the upper limit of Antiti-DDoS Basic protection capability, your IP may be blocked. In this case, we recommend you [purchase Anti-DDoS Pro](https://buy.tencentcloud.com/bgp_sp). For pricing details, please see Billing Overview.

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