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Last updated: 2020-07-09 14:43:39

    How do I use the NAT Gateway and EIP?

    • The NAT Gateway can translate the private IP address in a VPC to a public IP address. It is an ingress or egress for public network traffic in a VPC. For more information about how to use Tencent Cloud’s NAT Gateway service, see NAT Gateway.
    • The NAT Gateway and EIP are two ways for CVMs to access the Internet. You can use either or both of them to design your public network access architecture.

    How can I learn more information about security?

    Tencent Cloud provides various network and security services such as security groups, encrypted login, and EIPs to back up your instances on the provision of secure and efficient services. For more information about CVM security, see Network and Security Overview.

    How do I prevent others from querying my system?

    You have full control over the visibility of your system, and the CVM allows you to place running instances into any security group of choice. In the Security Group Console, you can specify inter-group communication and IP subnets on the network that can communicate with the CVM.

    How do I troubleshoot security issues?

    If you perceive any security event or adverse event, see Cloud Workload Protection for troubleshooting. 

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