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Product Strengths

Last updated: 2019-01-30 10:11:56

Mobile Security boasts the following product strengths:

Industry-leading Security Detection Engine

Mobile Security adopts Tencent's security detection engine which is also adopted by multiple Tencent apps with hundreds of millions of users. This market-proven engine can help developers identify security risks in apps as early as possible.

Excellent Reinforcement Performance

Mobile Security strictly controls the influence of reinforcement on app installer packages so that the size and performance of apps do not change significantly after reinforcement.

Outstanding Compatibility

Over a thousand types of physical machines are used to verify the stability of reinforcement to ensure the compatibility of reinforcement solutions on mainstream models.

Comprehensive Channel Monitoring

Mobile Security integrates the data of two major Tencent products: MyApp, with which the distribution through mainstream channels can be obtained, and Tencent Mobile Manager, with which the latest malware trends and solutions can be learned. In addition, Mobile Security constantly monitors multiple channels in China to help developers stay updated on the piracy situation in distribution channels.

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