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Product Features

Last updated: 2019-01-30 10:12:00

Mobile Security provides users with one-stop service covering features such as application reinforcement, security evaluation, channel monitoring, security SDK, compatibility test, and quality tracking.

Application Reinforcement

  • DEX file reinforcement: It reinforces DEX files via digital encoding to prevent apps from being reverse engineered through debuggers.

  • Resource file protection: Apps cannot run normally if resource files were illegally tampered or deleted.

  • Anti-repackage protection: Apps cannot run normally once any file in the apps has been modified or replaced.

  • Anti-debugger protection: This prevents apps from being affected by various static and dynamic debugging tools.

  • Anti-memory dump protection: This prevents app code from being stolen through dynamic debugging and dump.

  • Advanced memory protection: This provides strong protection for memory data to effectively prevent the source code from being stolen through memory debugging and memory dump.

  • .so file protection: This protects specified .so files from being reverse engineered, so that core sensitive logic are not exposed.

Security Evaluation

  • Data security evaluation: Audit of sensitive log information leakage, audit of file storage permission, audit of sensitive database data, and audit of sensitive system component data, etc.

  • Network communication security evaluation: Audit of encrypted transmission security, and audit of HTTPS communication security, etc.

  • Application security evaluation: Audit of remote command execution vulnerability, audit of insecure app configuration, audit of DoS vulnerability, audit of unauthorized logical access vulnerability, and audit of common Web vulnerability, etc.

  • Third-party database security evaluation: High-risk third-party databases scan audit, and third-party database vulnerability alerts, etc.

Channel Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring: Continuous monitoring on a 24/7 basis is provided to effectively observe the distribution channels's piracy situation.

  • Precise channel source and download capacity: We can trace the precise channel source of copyrighted and pirated apps and their download capacities. We can even provide the specific link to the download page.

  • Massive resources and comprehensive monitoring: In addition to real-time monitoring of nearly a 100 channels, MyApp and Tencent Mobile Manager resources are also integrated to quickly perceive the distribution of copyrighted apps and the interception of malicious apps. With our massive and industry leading resources, we can comprehensively monitor the distribution of copyrighted and pirated apps without missing a single detail.

Security SDK

  • Database security protection: Secure database SDK is provided to effectively ensure the security of core data and prevent information leakage.

  • Keyboard input protection: Secure keyboard SDK is provided to ensure the security of input data, and effectively prevent threats such as screen capture and theft of input information.

  • Anti Game Botting: Anti Game Botting SDK is provided to effectively prevent botting from modifying and ruining the game.

Compatibility Analysis

  • Automatic compatibility test: We provide 50 random types of physical machines for automatic compatibility and adaptability testing. This will effectively reflect the compatibility and adaptability of the app on physical machines.

  • Specific tests for less compatible models: We provide 30 random types of less compatible physical machines for automatic compatibility and adaptability testing. This will effectively reflect the compatibility and adaptability of the app on models with especially poor compatibility.

Quality Tracking

  • App crash tracking: Various real-time crash information will be provided, including the information reported by Android Native. In addition to the error stacks, detailed operation information for every error occurrence will also be collected for further analysis.
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