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Last updated: 2020-08-18 09:38:42


    Global Office Access (GOA) leverages terminal authentication and access control modules as well as network acceleration technologies, including intelligent routing and multiplexing, to build office acceleration networks for enterprises. It features seamless access, efficient connections, reliable terminals and access control to help users collaborate and access enterprise data from any network around the world securely and rapidly.

    Key Features

    Terminal security management

    GOA manages terminal security by identifying whether devices, identities, and applications are trustworthy. It verifies whether the operating system, software and hardware, and file data of terminals comply with regulations. In addition, it can bind permission policies to users based on their identities, implementing flexible policy configuration. By controlling and auditing terminal access processes and taking other measures, it can also evaluate the security of terminal applications.

    Access connection assurance

    GOA enables borderless access control and supports VPN-free access from any network in any area. When obtaining resources, it uses dynamic routing technology to assign an optimal link and accelerate data transmission. This dramatically reduces the latency, packet loss rate, and network jitters and improves office efficiency.

    Granular access control

    GOA can granularly control application access at a user and device level via measures such as device and identity verification, so you can flexibly configure your permission policies to satisfy your diverse business requirements.

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