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Content Delivery Network

Tencent Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a delivery acceleration service that enables nearby access for end users by delivering content to cache nodes deployed worldwide. The globally distributed network reduces network jitters and latencies, effectively improving download speed, responsiveness and overall user experience.

Elastic Network Interface

Tencent Cloud Elastic Network Interface (ENI) is an elastic interface for network access that binds Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) servers on a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for seamless migration among multiple CVM servers. Multiple ENIs can be bound to one CVM server to create a highly available network. Further, multiple private IPs can be bound to one ENI to enable a single-server multi-IP deployment.

Secure Content Delivery Network

Tencent Cloud Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN) provides your business with superior security protection while accelerating delivery of business content. SCDN can be enabled for Tencent Cloud CDN-enabled domain names in one click for comprehensive protection of your business against DDoS, CC and WAF attacks.

Cloud Connect Network

Tencent Cloud Cloud Connect Network (CCN) provides full-mesh interconnection services to help achieve cross-regionals multi-point interconnection in and outside the cloud. The intelligent scheduling and routing learning features of CCN help build a fast, stable and cost-effective full-mesh interconnected link that can satisfy the high network speed requirements in such scenarios as online education, gaming acceleration and hybrid cloud.

Image Moderation System

Image Moderation System (IMS) can accurately recognize content in images that may be offensive, unsafe, or inappropriate.

Text Moderation System

Text Moderation System (TMS) uses the deep learning technology to recognize content in text that may be offensive, unsafe, or inappropriate. It allows you to configure dictionaries to recognize text of custom types.

Video Moderation System

Video Moderation System (VM) can automatically recognize videos to identify pornographic, sensitive, and other non-compliant content from the three dimensions of OCR text, image, and audio. It allows you to configure custom allowlist/blocklist dictionaries to recognize content of custom violation types. It also enables you to divide recognition results by tag and confidence and perform different subsequent operations, thereby reducing labor costs and improving the recognition efficiency.

Audio Moderation System

Audio Moderation System (AMS) can automatically recognize content in audio that may be offensive, unsafe, or inappropriate. It allows you to customize blocked keywords to recognize custom types of audio content.

Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Tencent Cloud Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) provides fast, stable, secure and elastically scalable acceleration services for dynamic data transfer. Utilizing Tencent Cloud's high-quality network resources around the globe and leveraging Tencent's proprietary intelligent routing algorithm and protocol layer optimization technology, ECDN resolves issues such as high data packet loss, slow response and unstable service caused by a variety of complex factors when accessing websites across ISPs, countries and continents.

Virtual Private Cloud

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) helps you build independent network space in Tencent Cloud and allows you to customize network segment classification, IP addresses, and routing policies. You can establish VPN tunnels through the public network/direct connection to connect the private network to other cloud resources, thereby flexibly deploying hybrid clouds.
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