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Cloud Object Storage
Distributed object storage built to store any amount of data from anywhere
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Cloud Object Storage

Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a distributed storage service offered by Tencent Cloud for unstructuredIt can also be used alongside other cloud products such as global CDN nodes for acceleration servicesand Cloud Image for one-stop image solutions

Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Block Storage (CBS) is a persistent block storage service designed for CVM instances

Cloud File Storage

Cloud File Storage (CFS) is a secure and scalable file sharing and storage solutionIt can be used in conjunction with Tencent Cloud's servers, container service, and batch computing serviceCFS provides multiple computing nodes with high-performance shared storage with scalable capacity and

Tencent Cloud Lighthouse

Tencent Cloud Lighthouse is an out-of-the-box cloud server service for lightweight scenariosconveniently and efficiently build websites, web applications, mini programs, mini games, e-commerce apps, cloudstorage, image hosting, and other lightweight services in the cloudpopular open-source software already preconfigured, offering you the best way to get started with Tencent Cloud

Cloud Native Database TDSQL-C

Cloud Native Database TDSQL-C (TDSQL-C for short) is a new-generation enterprise-grade distributed clouddatabase developed by Tencent CloudIt features high performance and availability and combines the strengths of traditional databases, cloudPostgreSQL and can provide a high throughput of over one million QPS and a massive distributed smart storage

Cloud Connect Network

Tencent Cloud Cloud Connect Network (CCN) provides full-mesh interconnection services to help achievecross-regionals multi-point interconnection in and outside the cloudhigh network speed requirements in such scenarios as online education, gaming acceleration and hybrid cloud

Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall (CFW) is an SaaS firewall based on the public cloud environmentsupports multi-tenancy and elastic scaling and is an essential network security infrastructure for cloud

Cloud Monitor

Cloud Monitor (CM) enables you to monitor and manage cloud products as well as configure and visualizepersonalized monitoring services, CM allows you to understand the health of your business and each cloud

TencentDB for SQL Server

Tencent Cloud TencentDB for SQL Server is one of the most popular commercial databases in the industryIt allows you to use a genuine SQL Server database in the cloud while enjoying the speed and convenienceunique to cloud computing

Tencent Cloud Weiling

Tencent Cloud Weiling is a IoT operating system well adapted to smart building scenarios
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