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Last updated: 2023-12-21 17:15:26
Database Audit is a professional, efficient, and comprehensive database audit service independently developed by Tencent Cloud for monitoring database security in real time. It can record the activities of TencentDB instances in real time, manage the compliance of database operations with fine-grained audit, and alert risky database behaviors such as SQL injections and exceptional operations, providing complete and all-around security diagnosis and management features for your TencentDB instances and improving the security of your data assets.
Database Audit can help you deal with the following risks:
Audit risks Difficulty in tracing and locating security breaches due to incomplete audit logs. Inability to meet the requirements defined by China's Cybersecurity Classified Protection Certification (Level 3). Inability to meet the requirements defined by industry-specific information security compliance documents.
Administrative risks Business system security risks caused by faulty, non-compliant, and unauthorized operations of technical personnel. Faulty and malicious operations and tampering by third-party development and maintenance personnel. Excessive permissions granted to the super admin, which cannot be audited and monitored.
Technical challenges Database system SQL injections that maliciously pull data from databases and tables. Inability to troubleshoot the sudden increase of database requests that are not slow queries.
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