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Last updated: 2021-08-17 15:35:25

    What can DBexpert bring to users?

    Database is a highly specialized technical field. Training database professionals is time-consuming and costly, and the complexity of various database problems is high. When you encounter different problems that are difficult to solve by yourself, you can turn to DBexpert for help.

    Can DBexpert solve all database problems?

    DBexpert has advanced technologies and rich experience to help you quickly locate and solve most database problems.

    Does DBexpert have restrictions on the industry?

    No. DBexpert can help you solve various database problems before, during, and after cloudification and provide excellent industry-specific solutions and best practices.

    Is this service only for TencentDB users?

    No matter whether you use TencentDB or self-built databases, we can provide this service to you.

    What should I pay attention to before service implementation?

    Before implementation, you should clarify with us the goals and scope that need to be achieved.

    Will the implementation of the DBexpert service affect my business in the production environment?

    Most service items will not affect businesses in the production environment. We will communicate with you about various possible risks before implementing the service.

    What technical materials will be left behind after the DBexpert service is completed?

    We will provide non-copyrighted tools and documents in the process of knowledge transfer.

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