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SDK for Go Connection Guide

Last updated: 2023-12-20 16:45:32

    Supported Environments

    Go 1.9 or above (Go 1.14 is required if go mod is used). Plus, the necessary environment variables such as GOPATH should be set properly.
    Endpoint: tms.tencentcloudapi.com
    The API supports access from either a nearby region (at tms.tencentcloudapi.com) or a specified region (at tms.ap-guangzhou.tencentcloudapi.com for Guangzhou, for example).

    Installing SDK for Go

    Method 1. Install through go get (recommended)

    We recommend you use a Tencent Cloud mirror for faster download:
    System Platform
    Linux / macOS
    export GOPROXY=https://mirrors.tencent.com/go/
    set GOPROXY=https://mirrors.tencent.com/go/
    Starting from v1.0.170, you can download packages by product. You only need to download the basic package and the corresponding product package (such as CVM) instead of downloading the packages of all Tencent Cloud products, which speeds up the image build and compilation. Of course, you can also download the packages of all products at once in the same way as before.
    On-Demand installation method: you can only use the Go Modules mode for dependency management; that is, the environment variable GO111MODULE should be auto or on, and go mod init xxx should be executed in your project . If you use GOPATH, see the full installation method.
    Full installation method: it supports both GOPATH and Go Modules.
    Installation Method
    On-demand installation (recommended)
    Install the common basic package
    go get -v -u github.com/tencentcloud/tencentcloud-sdk-go/tencentcloud/common
    Install the corresponding service package (such as CVM)
    go get -v -u github.com/tencentcloud/tencentcloud-sdk-go/tencentcloud/cvm
    Full installation
    Download the packages of all Tencent Cloud services at once
    go get -v -u github.com/tencentcloud/tencentcloud-sdk-go
    In order to support go mod, the SDK version number has been reduced from v3.x to v1.x, and all tags of v3.0.* and 3.0.* were removed on May 10, 2021. If you need to backtrack previous tags, refer to the commit2tag file in the root directory of the project.

    Method 2. Install through source package

    Go to the GitHub or Gitee code hosting page to download the latest code, decompress, and install it in the $GOPATH/src/github.com/tencentcloud directory.

    Using SDK

    See the sample code below, which calls the TextModeration API. The region is configured as Guangzhou as an example and should be configured as needed.
    package main
    import ("fmt"
    tms "github.com/tencentcloud/tencentcloud-sdk-go/tencentcloud/tms/v20201229") func main() {
    credential: = common.NewCredential("SecretId", "SecretKey", ) cpf: = profile.NewClientProfile() cpf.HttpProfile.Endpoint = "tms.tencentcloudapi.com"
    _: = tms.NewClient(credential, "ap-guangzhou", cpf) request: = tms.NewTextModerationRequest() response,
    err: = client.TextModeration(request) if _,
    ok: = err.( * errors.TencentCloudSDKError);ok {
    fmt.Printf("An API error has returned: %s", err) return
    if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("%s", response.ToJsonString())
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