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Last updated: 2023-12-20 16:02:45

    Can I modify the default QPS (queries per second) for text?

    If you have such needs, submit a ticket for assistance with modification on the backend.

    Is QPS for the account dimension or Biztype dimension?

    QPS is for each root account/sub-account. By default, it is 100 for images and 1,000 for text, and all Biztype values share the 1,000 QPS.

    Can I set the Biztype field of API 4.0 on my own?

    Yes, but it will be generated on the backend only after you submit a ticket. Biztype can contain 3–32 letters, digits, and underscores. Before configuring it, you need to inform the desired format, which cannot be changed after being configured.

    Will the Review field of API 4.0 be output for each tag?

    It will be output for only tags with a score output by auto review but not for such tags as ad and QR code.
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