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Use Cases

Last updated: 2023-12-20 17:27:27

    Interactive Live Streaming

    IMS provides Tencent Cloud live streaming and video customers with a one-stop, low-latency solution that features content frame capturing, recognition, and storage, and automatic moderation. It can monitor the content in all live rooms in real time to identify suspicious rooms and trigger alarms.
    If you use Tencent Cloud video or live streaming solutions, you can quickly enable IMS to prevent the dissemination of non-compliant content and reduce the risks to platform operations.

    Content Platform

    IMS supports easy connection to various image resource libraries for one-stop automatic moderation.
    It can recognize and moderate large images, deliver a 99.9% availability, and provide 24/7 online technical support, guaranteeing the security of your resources.

    Communities and Forums

    IMS is widely used for various platforms such as blogs and forums with original user-generated content, including personal homepages, comments, posts, replies, and messages. It can quickly recognize offensive, unsafe, and harmful content in order to guarantee the platforms' business interests and compliance and reduce their user operations costs.


    IMS can recognize all scenes in images on shopping platforms. It intelligently moderates the images uploaded by merchants and users, efficiently recognizes non-compliant content, and triggers alarms. This prevents them from posting images involving porn, violence, terrorism, or sensitive content and reduces the manual moderation costs and business violation risks.
    While guaranteeing the normal sales of compliant products, refined multi-level tags and highly customized moderation policies can promptly detect hidden non-compliant and harmful information in various scenarios to safeguard the normal businesses.

    Instant Messaging

    Based on technologically advanced recognition models, IMS can accurately recognize various types of content that may be offensive, unsafe, or inappropriate hidden in messages and their diverse variants. Then, it can promptly return the moderation results. For instant messaging scenarios, it effectively prevents harassment by malicious users, thus blocking the risks of scams and improving the user experience.
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