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Last updated: 2022-02-16 16:56:49

    Web Security Status Quo

    With the rapid development of internet technologies, the key business activities of many government agencies, institutions, and enterprises rely more on web applications. While such applications provide users with web-based information management systems, the risks faced by users are also increasing, mainly in the following two aspects:

    • More and more security vulnerabilities are brought by the widespread use of web application systems.
    • As internet technologies evolve, hacking has become increasingly rampant, and more and more hacking application tools have been used for attacks.
      75% of information security attacks on the internet come from web applications, 2/3 of which are vulnerable. However, security investments for web applications only account for 10% of all information security investments. Web security protection is becoming growingly important.

    Product Overview

    VSS is a security service designed to monitor website vulnerabilities. It provides 24/7 comprehensive and accurate vulnerability monitoring service and professional repair suggestions to help you prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by hackers and thus affecting website security.

    Deployment Mode

    VSS is a pure SaaS service, which means that you can use it with no need to install any hardware or software or change your current network deployment status. Its powerful concurrent scanning capabilities can check thousands of websites simultaneously, which greatly reduces your security OPS costs.

    Customer Benefits

    As an enterprise-grade security monitoring system, VSS brings you the following benefits:

    • It helps you fully understand your network security risk situation and ensure business security.
    • It helps you promptly deal with new types of hacking techniques and vulnerabilities.
    • It complements your proprietary or purchased security products to fully guarantee network security.
    • It reduces your security OPS costs.
    • It provides you with professional security consulting and technical cooperation services.

    Use Cases

    Based on its robust security detection capabilities, VSS can improve network and data security for enterprises in many different industries, including but not limited to:

    • IT companies and large enterprises.
    • Finance and telecommunications industries.
    • Security companies and regulatory authorities.
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