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Viewing the Health Status of Origin Server

Last updated: 2024-05-29 10:33:37
The node probe results will display the outcomes of probes initiated by EdgeOne from various nodes and regions within the global availability zones towards the current origin group. Users can view these probe results to find whether the origin is healthy across different zones.
EdgeOne Load Balancing feature is in beta testing. If you want to use it, you can Contact Us.
1. Log in to the EdgeOne console. In the left menu bar, click the Site List. Within this list, click the Site need to be configured to go to the details page.
2. On the site details page, click Origin Settings > Load Balancing.
3. On the Load Balancing page, click the desired Load balancer.

4. In the instance details page, click View details.

5. In the node probe results, nodes are differentiated by the following three colors:
Green Node: Indicates that the probe node in the region has considered all origins in the origin group to be healthy.
Red Node: Indicates that the probe node in the region has considered one or more origins in the origin group to be unhealthy.
Gray Node: Indicates that the probe node in the region cannot probe any origins. Probing is done at the IP level, meaning if the origin is a domain, the domain will be resolved into an IP before it probes. This situation usually occurs if you have entered an incorrect domain origin which cannot be resolved into an IP. In this case, it is recommended to check for potential spelling mistakes in the origin domain or whether the corresponding domain has expired.

Probe nodes in different regions make independent decisions. Edge nodes will route requests back to the origin based on the probe results from the nearest probe nodes in each region.
For example: If your origin is in Hong Kong (China), and the probe node in Singapore considers the origin to be unhealthy whereas the probe node in Germany considers it to be healthy, traffic from the Singapore region will not be routed to that origin, while traffic from the Germany region will continue to be directed to that origin.
In the scenario described above, you can refer to the probe results from other regions for a comprehensive view. If only a few nodes consider the origin to be unhealthy, it might be due to network fluctuations in certain areas. If the majority of nodes consider the origin to be unhealthy, it is recommended to check whether the origin has malfunctioned.

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